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  1. Gun-Parts & Access.
    Ive never tried a custom holster, so I thought I would for my P320. All I can say is wow, because Chuck does some really nice work. I paid $76 for the Paratus 2.0 holster and the matching mag holder. I'm wearing it right now, and it holds it against my body so tight it's like a IWB holster. I...
  2. Hunting, Fishing & Camping
    Hi, Due to backpack and it's strapping mechanism's it is very cumbersome to carry IWB/OWB. Hence I am trying to determine the best options for carrying my G20 while backpacking or day-hiking. Below is what I am thinking now, but please tell me otherwise if you know of better options. Or options...
  3. Gun-Parts & Access.
    The Test of Time, Part II: The DeSantis Econobelt If you read last review, you know a little bit of my history. My first actual gun belt was an Aker B21. Several months after I bought my Aker B21 that I mentioned in that post, I decided that I couldn’t wear the same belt every day. A lot of...
  4. Gun-Parts & Access.
    If you carry a gun on your hip, then your gun belt is the whole foundation of your carry system. Years ago, I discovered the value of having a good gun belt. It turns carrying a pistol from “always hitching up my pants” into “comfortable stroll.” Unfortunately, I figured this out at a time...
  5. Gun-Parts & Access.
    After a good 7-year run with my trusty Aker B21, I am considering replacing her. I've looked at pretty much every gunleather company I can think of, and have narrowed my choices down to Hank's Kydex Reinforced Concealed Carry Belt and the Bigfoot Belts 14 oz Leather Gun Belt. Does anyone own...
  6. Glock Gear Distributor Too!

    Glock/GSSF was great while I was overseas. They sent plenty of goodies for me to play 'Sandy Claws' with. I was able to outfit two+ MiTTs (20+ guys) with all kinds of Glock Gear while I was there!
1-6 of 7 Results