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  1. General Glocking
    I have the threaded barrel. What else do I need to fit my Osprey Micro to the G44?
  2. Gunsmithing
    Hi GlockTalk team, I enjoy shooting 22lr ammo and after trying the Glock 44...I wanted a long slide (& long barrel) version of it :). Does anyone know where I can buy or how I (or a gun smith) can build this? I’ve seen other companies like Zev make long slide upgrades for the Glock 19 (ex...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hello Glock Talk family, I’m a hobby shooter who recently rented a glock 44 at a local gun range and had so much fun shooting this .22lr model Glock 44 that I’m interested in buying one in the near future. So, I hope to join you all very soon. :)
  4. Wanted To Buy
    So you bought a new Glock 44 threaded barrel and your non-threaded barrel is now buried somewhere in your gun parts drawer. How about digging it out and pocketing $75 (Paypal including shipping to 88023)? Message me!
  5. Smart Shopper Great Deals
    Glock 44 at Target Sports for $390 and it says 51 in stock. As of right now there is some Winchester Super Suppressed 9mm there if you hurry for .40 a round.
  6. General Glocking
    Has anyone tried to remove the slide lock lever? I wanted to replace it with the tapered seration model for a Gen 5. I see no way to get to the spring to depress it so as to shake it out the side ports.
  7. General Glocking
    Nobody is asking about this, but I just thought it was cool that the G44 works with the dry fire mag. Video here
  8. General Glocking
    The Glock 44 Thread
1-8 of 8 Results