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  1. General Glocking
    I have ordered my G43 and looking for ideas for a holster. I have used my supertuck for years with my G26 and I'm thinking about the Crossbreed Reckoning. This holster I can use at 4 o'clock and appendix. Appendix is one of the reasons I purchase the small G43. I also heard great things...
  2. Sold/Expired
    PJ Inside Waistband Custom Kydex Holster. Glock G43 Right Hand Reinforced Clip On for 1.5" Belt FBI 15 Degree Cant $40 shipped. Paypal Preferred Thanks
  3. Gun-Parts & Access.
    I have looking to get a new kydex holster for my G43. Does anybody have a G43 holster by Clinger Holsters?
  4. Holsters & Related Items
    New without package Stealthgear Ventcore RH IWB holster for G43. Worn once and put in holster drawer. Paid $110. Sell for $75 net to me shipped. Paypal F&F preferred
  5. Sold/Expired
    G43 Alabama Pocket Holster, brand new, in between the time of the order and arrival last week bought a Ruger LCP 2 for pocket carry from my local gunshop when they offered me a great deal, so no longer need it. This holster fits the G43 perfectly and works great. Cost me $48 delivered, will...
  6. Introduction Forum
    I bought my first Glock yesterday and made this account today. Always been a sig guy but I tried out a g43 at the range and ended up leaving with one to my own surprise. I tried really really hard to not like it, but I couldn't. I loved it. I probably won't need it until next summer but has...
  7. Carry Issues
    It is winter here in the north and a shoulder holster is a better option than IWB for CC. What have you found works for a G42 or 43? They are not listed on many of the holster manufacturer websites. Galco lists the Classic Lite CL662, but does not show a listing for the nicer Miami Classic...
1-7 of 7 Results