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  1. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Since so many people have something to say about the price, and think they can find these for msrp I spent hours trying to find somewhere that has them in stock, and what they are charging for them. I found one site with them in stock, and it said originally $85 but on sale for $75. So I've...
  2. General Glocking
    Had really good luck with shield arms 15 round mags for the 43X. Only problem at all that I’ve had was with the mag release. The design of the shield arms mags doesn’t allow for the release to go in as deep. The redesigned one works fine. Just as my carry system it gets pushed on rare occasion...
  3. Gun Parts & Accessories
    FS I have a total of 3 Glock 43 magazines, each with pearce pinky extensions. All are in excellent shape with no markings on them. $20 each shipped or all of them for $55 dollars shipped. PayPal F&F or add appropriate fees.
1-3 of 3 Results