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  1. Wanted To Buy
    This is definitely a long shot, but I am hoping that someone on this forum purchased my previously issued G37 from FHP. The firearm’s serial number is RHY534. I was issued this firearm new to me as a recruit, and carried it for several years before leaving the agency. Willing to pay double the...
  2. Gun Parts & Accessories
    SOLD For sale: Advantage Arms 22LR conversion kit with 5 mags for Glock 17/22/31/37 Gen 1-3 only: $249 The kits comes with everything it did when purchased new, plus the 4 extra mags. That's like buying the kit and getting about $75 worth of mags for free. I cut out the foam in the upper...
  3. Firearms Listings
  4. Sold/Expired
1-4 of 5 Results