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  1. General Glocking
    With everything Glock is doing with G 48, and G43x MOS with a rail, I’m curious if there are any plans floating around for the same type of G26 ? I also realize Glock generally plays their cards pretty close to their chest...
  2. Wanted To Buy
    Looking to buy Glock 26 mags.
  3. Firearms Listings
    I have a Glock22 .40 cal with 3 15rd mags and 1 33rd mag. I also have 275+ rounds I'd let go in the right trade. Looking to trade for G26, G43, G43x or G48 or sell for $650 obo Located in KY
  4. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Up for sale are factory Glock 17 17rd and Glock 19 15rd magazines. Magazines are new, unused, and will work in any generation. $23 each. Shipping cost as follows: $4 for 1-2 $6 for 3-4 $9 for 5 or more Payments by USPS money order, Zelle, Venmo, Google Pay or cash.. If you have any...
  5. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Lot of four (4) Glock OEM G19 Gen 4 10 Round Magazines - SOLD Lot of four (4) Glock OEM G26 Gen 4 10 Round Magazines - SOLD PayPal Friends and Family or USPS Money Order.
  6. Gun Parts & Accessories
    SOLD Up for sale are factory Glock 17 17rd and Glock 19 15rd magazines. Magazines are new and unused. $23 each. Shipping cost as follows: $4 for 1-2 $6 for 3-4 $9 for 5 or more Payments by USPS money order, Zelle,, Venmo, Google Pay or cash..
  7. Gunsmithing
    Hello. Apologies in advance for starting a new thread if the issue has already been talked about elsewhere. I couldn't find it if there was already one previously. The issue I am having is the inability to rack the slide all the way back. Some facts: Slide, barrel, parts kit, pins etc are all...
  8. Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a Glock 26 in LIKE NEW condition. Preferably one that has not had any amateur gunsmithing, as this will be my carry gun. Gen 3 is preferred, however, willing to consider more recent models (possibly). Please let me know what you have--I WILL NOT USE PAYPAL. I have Applepay...
  9. Introduction Forum
    just purchased my first Glock, 26 Gen 3. Really liking it so far. As with all things, I've already got enough parts ordered to customize and repair almost everything. I've ordered a match barrel to see if I can squeeze just a little more accuracy into my moa. I've ordered a ported slide on the...
  10. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Please forgive my crappy photography skills. If you would like more/better photos of an item, please inbox me and I’ll get them to you. All prices are face to face in SE PA (will don a mask if you ask nicely) or PP F&F with shipping included. Also, please make an offer if you feel I’m asking too...
  11. Gun Parts & Accessories Brand New but have clipped upc for rebate. Have not installed. Includes all accessories manuals etc. Fits GLOCK 26, 27, 33. Fourth generation only. $105 shipped insured. via USPS PirateShip. PayPal (G&S you pay), Venmo, CashApp (get $5 CashApp credit here...
  12. General Glocking
    I am looking to add to my G19.5 for CCW. I conceal the 19 pretty well in winter clothes (jeans and a sweatshirt) but I am looking for something where I can hide the grip a little better in a T-Shirt. At the range to day I rented the G43, G43x, G48, and G26 (all of which I had shot before). The...
  13. Gun Parts & Accessories
    If anyone is interested I'm doing a run of RMR cuts. It includes the RMR cut, cover plate, and single color cerakote (burnt bronze, fde, and blk). 110, includes return shipping. also, doing a an agency style slide run. 310 includes the slide, and what is listed above. g17 , g19, g26, g34...
  14. General Glocking
    Which is your all-time favorite? And why? ***Polling is limited to 10 choices. So not enough to include the sub-models (L/C/MOS) or the various GENs, but you can add that in your replies.
  15. Gunsmithing
    Attached file of light primer strikes. I have a G-26 purchased new, which has about 8,000 rounds through it. I had 6 out of 100 light strikes, pictured. As this gun is 19 years old, I would would like to replace any parts which need an upgrade. What would be most cost effective? 1) send...
  16. Gun Parts & Accessories
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  17. Holsters & Related Items
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  18. General Glocking
    Most will be interested in just the 43X so I’ll give you those stats first: About 140 rounds through four Magazines and I did have ONE failure to eject that I didn’t take a picture of. The casing was sitting above the bullet that was trying to chamber holding the action open . It would be...
  19. Holsters & Related Items
    REDUCED PRICE FOR QUICK SALE!! The Kydex IWB was $35. plus shipping. WILL SELL FOR $30. SHIPPED FREE. THE kYDEX WAS MADE FOR A G27, BUT WILL ALSO FIT G26, G33, AND POSSIBLY OTHERS check to see if your pistols fits. I accept paypal friend/gift. WANTED TO PURCHASE: MITCH ROSEN OWB HOLSTER...
  20. Holsters & Related Items
    Perfect condition Comp Tac appendix holster. I believe it fits all Glock subcompact models. Says 9/40/357 on holster. I would verify with Comp Tac. Asking $40 OBO and if need shipping an additional $5