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  1. Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a 9x25 Dillon barrel for a Glock 20. 4.6" or 6", ported or not. Not picky. Thanks guys
  2. General Glocking
    My 2 cents. Just wanted to pass on my experience with hard cast bullets that are popular for woods carry. Specifically for the 10mm glocks. One thing I need to mention is that both guns used for below never had a single issue with range rounds or SD jhp rounds. I shot about 800+ rounds of...
  3. General Glocking
    Im looking for a light for my G20sf (preferably a flush mount but its not a deal breaker for me) Ill be going on a 3 day 2 night hike soon and want something for the treck in the dark aside from my handheld lights. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. General Glocking
    I currently have a Glock 20sf and was going to get a stainless barrel for it. I was looking at the KKM barrels but recently discovered Double Diamond on the glockstore. Has anyone had experience with Double Diamond? Reasons for one over the other?
  5. Firearms Listings
    **SOLD** Selling my unfired (outside of the factory) G20 Gen 4. Absolutely like new. $525 shipped to your FFL
  6. Gun Parts & Accessories
    No Longer Available Glock take-off barrel from a G20 10mm. Has less than 50 rounds (SIG brand) of ammo through it. Gun was purchased last week. $80 plus USPS Priority shipping from MT. Reduced to $70 *** No longer available. *** Payment via Paypal FF Cross posted so first "I'll take it"...
  7. General Glocking
    Recently got an Olight PL-2 Valkyrie 1200 lumens for my gen-4 G20 setup for the outdoors. This G20 never had a FTF or any other issues the way it is setup (stormLake barrel + 17-lb stainless steel recoil assembly), neither with regular loads nor with hot loads. Although it has shot a lot less...
  8. General Glocking
    Hey all, looking for advice. I'm looking for a new either carry pistol or woods gun. I want a 10mm glock gen 4 but can't decide between the 20 or the 29. I used to have a gen 3 g20 but sold it to a friend now i have the addiction . I don't mind the weight and size for cold weather carry, but...
  9. General Firearms Forum
    Just kidding, but that's what it truly felt like today after I shot my newly bought AR10 .308 Win and before I took a few practice rounds with my G20. Holy smokes this AR10 thing is a monster that feels like a cannon. Would sure like to have one on me when hiking in bear country but it is not...
  10. General Glocking
    I would like suggestions on a level II or III duty holster for a G20SF (G20, G21 same thing) with an attached Streamlight TLR-2. Kydex, OWB, High or Mid Rise, Forward or No Cant. Not looking for leather, or custom, or whiz-bang, or any suggestions on other stuff - Duty not Fancy. And if you have...
  11. Firearms Listings
    I have several pistols that I need to sell. Time to thin the herd. All are in excellent condition, hardly used or carried. Gen 4 G20 10mm with hi cap mags, night sights, extended mag release, extended slide release lever, Inforce APL weaponlight $700.00 G21 Alpha Wolf .45 acp with hi cap...
  12. General Glocking
    Interesting excerpted from Wiki about polar bears and the 9mm v 10mm defense: LINK Equipment M1917 Enfield rifle introduced during World War I Glock 20 pistol Because of the special nature of Sirius Sled Patrol operations, a wide range...
  13. Firearms Listings
    For sale - Mech Tech Telestock CCU in Glock G20 10mm. Comes as a complete carbine conversion build with a like new Gen4 FDE G20 lower attached, ready to rock! This system effectively converts a G20 pistol into a 16” barreled carbine using the same pistol,lower abd mags. Link to info on the CCU...
  14. Gun Parts & Accessories
    I have a KKM G20 to 40S&W conversion barrel for sale. I sold the G20 so no longer need the barrel. Excellent condition, matte finish. $120 shipped, PP FF.
  15. Holsters & Related Items
    SOLD SOLD PLEASE DELETE NEW KYDEX IWB RH HOLSTER FOR GLOCK 20 $20. shipping $3. paypal gift or add 3%. First I'll take it and follows up to pay gets it. I sold my G20, which I hated to have to do, so "Have holster will sell"
  16. General Glocking
    What's up glockers I emailed ETS about a month ago to see if they have any plans of making .45 ACP magazines. I just got a response today that they are looking into it trying to release 45 ACP and 10mm mags by the end of 2018. But it might be possible that they find a reason why they can't do...
  17. General Glocking
    First time I ever have one of my glocks (Gen4: 2 G20's and 2 G40's) hiccup on me. And I consider this a major hiccup had it happened when I was hiking in bear country or facing any other threat. Although I would not be using the cheap rounds then either. I was at the range today, onto my second...
  18. Wanted To Buy
    I give up on Miami classic for G27 or G20
  19. Caliber Corner
    It seems that too many people feel like they need a cannon or the like when in the woods to protect themselves from large animals. Can anyone tell me why they think any mammal (take your pick) with their hide/bones, etc. can take a 220 grain going at 1300+ fps and delivering more then...