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    **** UPDATE - SEE POST #11 FOR PICS **** This morning I ordered a Polish P64 and a CZ-50 from Classic Firearms using my C&R FFL! Yes, the P64 is replacing the one that I sold a few years ago because it was painful to shoot! My solution? NOT going to shoot it, just adding it as a collector's...
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    Over the years I've sold Glocks and other fireams through my FFL. He's never given me any paperwork... I asked him about that a while ago and he said, "If there's ever any question about a formerly owned firearm, refer the authorities to me." The FFL is a friend, so I want to be courteous...
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    Hardly used. Check out the pictures. Call or text (nine 0 four) 814-44two8
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    I called Glock customer service this morning to return a G17 Gen 2 with a crack in the frame for warranty work. The customer service representative said that I must have an FFL send them the gun. I asked why I could not send it directly and he said that's just the way it is. I understand that...