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  1. Carry Issues
    Yet another Glock review. My toughs on S&W M&P Shield and Glock 43. Let me know what you think. View:
  2. Holsters & Related Items
    I'm selling my Tier 1 Concealed Agis Black Kydex holster for a Glock 17 compatible with Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-2 weapon lights. Open end for threaded barrel, no optic cut, and high sweat guard. It's compatible with some other weapon lights as well as a Glock 19. Adjustable height and retention...
  3. General Glocking
    Contrary to many of the forum critics, I discovered that the 19X CAN in fact be carried concealed just fine! 19X + APL-c in a T-Rex sidecar. Sorry for the click-bait, haha. Been rockin' it all week, and it shoots like a Glock!
  4. Carry Issues
    Hello everyone, I have a question about holsters for IWB 4oclock position carry. My question is do you all thing the AlienGear compares to the fine leather ones offered from Milt Sparks, Wilson Leather Works, or TT Gunleather? I have Glock 43, 26, 19 and J Frame that all need IWB options...
  5. General Glocking
    I'd like to buy a 9 mm Glock that is as concealable as possible. Limiting factor is that the gun has to be longer than 190 mm (7.49") or taller than 140 mm (5.52"). Anything that is permanently attached to the gun (for example muzzle brake attached with red Loctite) counts. What I have in mind...
  6. Carry Issues
    So I just recently started carrying on an every day basis G19 and have been experimenting with IWB but I really like the idea of comfort from an OWB. Any one have experience carry OWB Concealed? I live in AZ so wearing a coat is pretty much out of the picture 9-10 months the out of the year. I...
  7. General Glocking
    For several years we have had to listen to the those damned single-stack whiners. It seems they just could not live with a double-stack pistol. Then Glock built the single-stack. I didn't need one and didn't want one. I have been concealing sub compact Glocks for years and have it down to a...
1-7 of 8 Results