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  1. The Cutting Edge
    I can't get over it. I'm absolutely in love with this knife.:hearts: It is by far one of the sexiest knives I've ever seen. I haven't pulled the trigger yet.....but God I want one. This would be a self-defense knife I'd carry with me. I've got another shop up for a custom kydex sheath...
  2. The Cutting Edge
    Cold steel has been advertising DLC coating on their knives this year. Are they really using DLC? Or did they just slap that label on their cheesy Teflon coating? I like cold steel, but have always hated the Teflon coating. If it really is DLC, it’s a major improvement. They also seem to be...
  3. Sold/Expired
    I am looking for a &af_placement_id=1&dv=649f5d085a2f183c62e9ae05df331650']Safariland clip-on holster for a High Standard DM-101 Derringer, &af_placement_id=1&dv=649f5d085a2f183c62e9ae05df331650']Safariland Model #57, but if you happen to have other clip on or snap on High Standard Derringer...
1-3 of 4 Results