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  1. General Firearms Forum
    From what I understand American Airlines policy says you have to put ccw in a hard sided case that’s locked and inside of a checked back. Any tips? It’s my first time and I’m kinda nervous! Thanks in advance!
  2. Volunteer Glockers
    Hi. I moved to Tennessee a couple years ago and I’ve started carrying concealed about a year or so ago. Im under the impression that if you have a gun with an after market trigger and you carry it for self defense, and unfortunately you have to use it, you will be prosecuted or arrested because...
  3. Carry Issues
    Hello, I don't know how much of a common issue this is, but here goes. I am 5' 2" and I possess a G22 from my Academy days that I would like to carry. I do not have the werewithal to get a compact, or I would and I would've traded up for a 9mm if I could have as well, but was unable. In any...
  4. General Glocking
    Hello, still waiting for the background check to come back then my g30 comes home! Yesterday I took a concealed carry class, learned A LOT, have been reading, and I'm not 100 percent sure I made the right purchase. Gun is for EDC, IWB Any opinions, suggestions? Thank you!
  5. General Firearms Forum
    Hey guys and gals! I'm coming up on the renewal date of my Texas Law Shield plan (Same as US Law Shield) and I was wondering who has what CCW insurance and why. I'm not particularly tied to Law Shield, but what might be better? And why? Off hand I am aware of several alternatives and they all...
  6. General Firearms Forum
    I know I don't post here much any more... But here's a short review fer ya's. Sorry folks, no photos. It's a Shield Plus 9mm. Not like I was shooting a Chrome Tiger Stripe Desert Eagle in .429 DE No thumb safety, standard factory...
  7. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    So I just bought a Glock 23 gen 3 the other day and really enjoying the gun and considering using it as my Winter carry! But one thing I would like to change are the sights and I was wondering what you would all suggest/use on your carry guns?
  8. General Glocking
    43x or 48?
  9. General Glocking
    I think it's about that time to get a IWB holster for my Glock 26 (when this virus pandemic is over I plan on getting my CCL). After doing a little research I think I would prefer to carry around the 3 or 4 O Clock position, does anyone have any recommendations on a good holster that boasts...
  10. General Glocking
    Duplicated, redact post.
  11. General Glocking
    I am looking to add to my G19.5 for CCW. I conceal the 19 pretty well in winter clothes (jeans and a sweatshirt) but I am looking for something where I can hide the grip a little better in a T-Shirt. At the range to day I rented the G43, G43x, G48, and G26 (all of which I had shot before). The...
  12. Carry Issues
    Ok so I’m in search of my 2nd Glock and this would be the one I will edc when I get my ccw I’m stuck between a 30SF, 36, 26, or 19, keep in mind I’m restricted to 10+1 so I’m limited in capacity. In a perfect world I want them all but I can only get 1 for now. (Currently I own a 21sf and love...
  13. Firearms Listings
    I used to know a salesman for one of the big online firearms resellers. Years ago he alerted me, “We just received a bunch of LE trade-in Glocks, and some appear to be unissued.” I purchased two Gen3 G26 pistols (for wife and me) per his recommendation. They exhibited no signs of wear, and...
  14. Carry Issues
    So here in Ca with the CCW situation looks like where I am it’ll be 3 guns and renewal will require qualifying with each. Question for y’all out there is what to add for my 3rd... I have all the guns I am mentioning and would like to add one of them to my Glock 43 and S&W Airweight J Frame 38...
  15. Carry Issues
    I was registering an exhibit for the Ravalli County Fair today and one of the Montana Highway Patrol asked me an interesting question about how I felt CCW v OC was a deterrent to crime and threats to life. He followed up with a rhetorical situation: "Your in line at a bank and some bad guys...
  16. Carry Issues
    Mainly depends on weather, time of year, and activity but I would say my main are.... 1. Glock 43 75% 2. Glock 19 20% 3. J Frame 4% 4. 1911 1%
  17. Carry Issues
    I'm a new Glock 26 owner, former Glock 22 owner (which I sadly sold years ago). At present I have replaced the sights and added Pierce grip extensions (which I don't like) on 2 Mags. My plan at present is to get a few 19 mags with slip on grips, a flat face trigger, threaded barrel (for...
  18. General Firearms Forum
    Hello I'm new to the forum.I have a g19 for home defense. I ccw a g43 with a plus 1. I am restricted by my state to 10+1 capacity. I would like to move up in capacity to 10+1. I was thinking of the g26 or the p365. I am on a wait list for the p365. I in theory could have one as early as March...
1-18 of 37 Results