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  1. The Okie Corral
    I didn't even know that this was a thing. Has this ever happened to anyone here?
  2. The Okie Corral
    It's summertime, and we all get a chance to wash our cars now. I took my baby out yesterday and got it washed at a $10 "no touch" Chevron carwash. Dried off the excess water with a micro-fiber towel afterwards. Then I had some stuff to do around town, but later that afternoon after a trip to...
  3. The Okie Corral
    Watching the TV ads, cars will stop for you, some brag about stopping better. Nissan advertises that the car will tell you when you're not in the exact center of your lane. Now pickups pulling trailers will back the trailer up for you. Am I just a geezer boomer fighting progress, or are these...
  4. The Okie Corral
    Does anyone go to these? As I understand it, there are branches of C&C cruise-ins around the country, but to be honest, I'm not sure if there are others, or just the one here in PDX. I went with my father this morning to the one in Wilsonville Oregon.
  5. The Okie Corral
    Seriously, if it wasn't for the fact that I was laughing hysterically at his hair....I'd actually be scared. I'm so used to him being either philosophical, or funny. But not grim and foreboding. Can't wait for Season 3 of The Grand Tour.
  6. The Okie Corral
    My father and I took his 2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster that he bought recently downtown to a exotics shop called Kings Cross Automotive. Once a year, their customers get together for a small meet and greet. There were some BEAUTIFUL cars there! I took about 52 pictures with my new...
  7. The Okie Corral
    This is the same bunch of morons that thought that allowing Refugees into their country unchecked was a good idea, right?
  8. The Okie Corral
    I mean, why not? Praise Allah! *looks around for money*