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  1. Black Rifle Forum
    Heard about featureless for years. Having escaped CA long ago I never paid attention to what it meant. Today searched for them. I get the picture now...
  2. California Glockers
    Everyone knows of the big national names (e.g. Taran Tactical), but I'm looking for someone local, maybe even "lesser" known around the LA County area. Looking for someone who does quality stippling, slide-milling, trigger jobs, etc. If anyone has any has any recommendations, please pass them my...
  3. General Glocking
    Bought these today because of the price.. Has anyone had any issues shooting this stuff in .40 S&W ? Glock23
  4. Caliber Corner
    Buying some 40 S&W Barnes 140gr. TAC-XPD HP Ammo for my G23.. Want to know what those who carry with this round think of it .
1-4 of 29 Results