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  1. Firearms Listings
    I'm just looking to try out a lower 80% type polymer build. Not looking for anything special unless you got a deal on it. Threaded barrel ideal. Extra magazines a plus. Oh I'd need it shipped to the lower 48. Post here - include: model condition price parts list, if available anything else...
  2. General Glocking
    hey guys, I'm looking to build/buy a g23 from semi ground up. thinking of buying used, and then replacing parts with better upgrades. any suggestions on specific parts ( slides, barrel, lights, suppressor, sights, etc ) i should check out. Things i should stay away from? plus, any sugggestions...
  3. General Glocking
    My friend and I have been friends for over a decade. Over the past few weeks, he'd been telling me that he wants to get a pistol for his concealed handgun license (which is now called a License to Carry in Texas). We talked a lot about his motivations, how he wants to carry, in what situations...
1-3 of 4 Results