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  1. Black Rifle Forum
    Got my box of parts today from Aero Precision, all but the charging handle anyways...could have sworn I added that to the cart. I also got a torque wrench, armorer wrench, and a punch set. Any advice?
  2. General Firearms Forum
    I need more gun savvy minds to tell me if this will all be compatible or adjust the components. It maybe too much but its just what i was thinking of getting.. A G 17 Gen 5 Mos with a Trijicon rmr type 2, Jonny glock evolution x combat trigger, agency arms fluted thread premium match barrel with...
  3. Black Rifle Forum
    I finished my modern take on the early 00s LEO patrol carbine in the form of this AR Pistol. I was able to source the parts for great deals from many of you on here. Very happy with the finished product. Specs DSA 10.3 AR Pistol KAC RIS with rail covers. ( Sourced from a user here for $150...
  4. General Firearms Forum
    I just finished my dream Glock. I have a couple more things to do but here is my build list. Frame - P80 Slide - Alpha Wolf Slide work - Jagerwerks F9 Stippling - USAGunBunker Barrel - Lone Wolf Flush and Fluted Guide Rod - Stock (soon to be Dead Point Lights) Trigger - LWD UAT Optic - Vortex...
  5. General Firearms Forum
    The 80% came today. Slight misalignment of the lockingblock-triggerpin hole. Nevertheless, mildly brutish force saved the day. I had to shave down the front rails. Anyway, here is it, with an Advantage Arms .22LR upper. Fired just 10 shots and no problems.
  6. General Glocking
    hey guys, I'm looking to build/buy a g23 from semi ground up. thinking of buying used, and then replacing parts with better upgrades. any suggestions on specific parts ( slides, barrel, lights, suppressor, sights, etc ) i should check out. Things i should stay away from? plus, any sugggestions...
  7. General Firearms Forum
    Have any of you ever used Legion Arms to have your AK parts kit built into a working rifle? Looking for a builder and they seem reasonably priced. Thanks in advance for any info. S&W
  8. The Kalashnikov Klub
    Thinking about selling it because, after looking into what it would cost to buy build tools, it ain't gonna happen! I only bought it because it was too good a deal to pass up. So what do you think? Matching numbers Rivet sets (two I think) Ready to go FINISHED receiver Not a lot of comps on GB...
  9. General Firearms Forum
    Looking for advice on which AR PISTOL upper to buy for my AR build. Would like it to be reasonably priced but have excellent quality. Any suggestions? What did you get? How is it working? Thanks in advance! TGG
1-9 of 9 Results