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  1. General Glocking
    Over the last few days I was able to get hands on and shoot pretty much the majority of the 9x19 Glocks. After shooting them I decided on 2 . A 43x followed me home today and when the LGS gets a G17 Gen 5 MOS they'll let me know and I'll pick that one up as well. I have no plans to put any...
  2. Edged Weapons & Related Items
    Safe queen strider zm...never cut...never sharpened...only minor rub from sheath. This was a limited run....and strider no longer makes this...full customs only. 300 or trade for Emerson’s, other striders, c Reeve or the ilk. Will ship but in Evans ga.
  3. Sold/Expired
    Looking to sell my Benchmade Gold Class 710-144, it is absolutely new in the box. It has sat in my safe for a while now, unused. It is #74 of 75 ever made. Incredible knife, about all I can say. I'll never use or carry it so figure it's best to let it go. I will consider partial trades of HK or...