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  1. Glock Collector's Club
    I may just be one of the uninformed and this was common knowledge, but I was not aware that Glock ever made an OD Green run of Gen4 guns. This 19 came in from one of my suppliers and I knew it was a green frame, but had just assumed it was battlefield green as that was the only Gen4 I knew...
  2. Glock Collector's Club
    I have some of the factory "colored" 19's such as Battlefield Green, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, etc...all "factory" as far as I know. I would like to get more of them in various other colors, but I don't want to buy an aftermarket cerakoted version that was done by some hack...I'd like the...
  3. Firearms Listings
    I have a G43 in battlefield green. Brand new Ameriglo Hackatorn sights, talon grips, 2 mags ( 1 with pinky extension), box and everything that comes in it from factory. I’ve fired exactly 12 rounds through it. $435 shipped
1-3 of 3 Results