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  1. General Glocking
    Hi, Does anyone have info on when Gen 5 conversion barrels will hit the market? It seems like the Gen 5 Glocks have been out for a while now and you would think someone is making conversion barrels already but there's none. I've reached out to KKM with no response and just reached out to Lone...
  2. General Glocking
    What is the difference between the original barrel 1:9.84 twist barrel and the 1:10 twist barrel? Would it be ok to swap to a 1:10 barrel
  3. General Glocking
    I currently have a Glock 20sf and was going to get a stainless barrel for it. I was looking at the KKM barrels but recently discovered Double Diamond on the glockstore. Has anyone had experience with Double Diamond? Reasons for one over the other?
  4. Reloading
    I'm a 1st-time-Glock-owner (30) and a seasoned bullet caster/reloader (40 years). I'm finding that, if kept to reasonable velocities, my 230 grain Lee RN bullets over 4.1 grains of Tite Group work well, are fairly accurate, and don't mess up the OEM barrel too much. I also am a regular cleaner...
  5. General Glocking
    First I have the stock barrel that came with the G29. Because I fire hot ammo and had the slide milled and fitted with an RMR red dot I discovered that hot 10mm ammo overpowers the little stock barrel. The bullets were all over the place and I cold not zero the RMR. Next I bought KKM match...
  6. General Glocking
    Is Lone Wolf the only one that makes Glock 9x25 Dillon barrels these days, or is there another company? I guess my google-fu is very weak lol. :dunno:
  7. Sold/Expired
    I have 2 Lone Wolf barrels for G23 conversion to 9mm and 357sig. The 9m barrel is black, 357 is SS. I only shot maybe one magazine worth through them both. I actually have about 1/2 box of 357sig ammo left. They work fine... accurate enough but I sold my G23 so I have no use for them. I also...
1-7 of 7 Results