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  1. General Firearms Forum
    Figured I would try out this streamlign streamlight. Looks a bit funny being on top of the rail because I am so used to having one on the side, but this thing is so functional! I love that it doesn't add to the width of my AR. Thoughts?
  2. Caliber Corner
    Hey guys, I was wondering what was more terminally effective at distances from 2-400yds out of a 20" AR; a polymer tipped bullet like hornady vmax/barnes Ttsx or a 69-77gr SMK? The reason being I use my AR for both home defense and feral hog depredation, m193 doesn't have much of a stopping...
  3. Black Rifle Forum
    I recently put together an Aero Precision .300 BLK build. 10.5" barrel Aero Precision Pro BCG Carbine buffer Gieselle Airborne ambidextrous charging handle Magpul PMags 155gr BTHP ammo Everything thus far has functioned as designed... except for one thing. Upon firing the last round in the...
  4. Sold/Expired
    $800 $750 or Best Reasonable Offer. Looking to sell a "Like-New-in-Box" Trijicon 3x30 Compact ACOG - TA-33 (with Green dual-illuminated Horseshoe/Dot 5.56mm/62gr. Ballistic Reticle). Pics Below (For larger copies, click here: . Uses the TA-60 flat-top thumbscrew mount. One of Trijicon’s Gen2...
    $750 USD
  5. For Trade Am15 multi-cal

    Firearms Listings
    Anderson manufacturing. Am15, 16 inch threaded barrel with muzzle break , mlok handrail, tridot (RGB) scope, 45 degree flip up iron sights, one point sling, two 30 round mags
  6. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Up for sale is a P&S (military contractor) RAS quad rail for M4 length handguards. These, and thier Knights Armament, counterparts, are becoming exceedingly less common. Perfect for your M4 clone build. Bottom rail is slightly greyer, while top rail is more black. Mixed colors would not be...
    $225 USD
  7. Black Rifle Forum
    Got my box of parts today from Aero Precision, all but the charging handle anyways...could have sworn I added that to the cart. I also got a torque wrench, armorer wrench, and a punch set. Any advice?
  8. Holsters & Related Items
    Esstac Kywi glock mag and at mag carrier. Includes kydex inserts for retention and 1.75in Molle belt loops. Never worn. $ 50 shipped
  9. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Sold as is May have scuffs and other minor blemishes Psa upper. BA 9mm barrel. Psa mlok rail Bcm vfg Psa ch and hybrid 9mm bolt Psa 9mm buffer and spring Psa Colt mag well conversion X3 psa 32dr stick mags X1 ar stoner 10rd mag X1magula speed loader Turns your normal ar15 into a lead slinging...
  10. Gun Parts & Accessories
    From top to bottom, left to right: $40 - Super Slim aluminum 15" mlok handguard with anti rotation tabs, with barrel nut. $30 - Bear creek armory flat-top aluminum 15" mlok handguard with barrel nut. AR15 standard Charging handle. 556 standard bird cage muzzle brake. Shotgun...
  11. Firearms Listings
    Purchased in April of 2021. Windham Weaponry Superlight SRC 16" barrel. I am the original owner. Chambered in 5.56 NATO. 10 rounds fired. Like New condition. Upgraded grip to Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 Upgraded trigger guard to accommodate those that shoot with gloves. Will include 60 rounds of 5.56...
  12. Black Rifle Forum
    I finished my modern take on the early 00s LEO patrol carbine in the form of this AR Pistol. I was able to source the parts for great deals from many of you on here. Very happy with the finished product. Specs DSA 10.3 AR Pistol KAC RIS with rail covers. ( Sourced from a user here for $150...
  13. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Looking to upgrade a few builds and I am searching for the following items. -Aimpoint PRO or EoTech XPS-2 -Carry handle red dot mount for aimpoint t-2 style optics. -Cloud Defensive OWL or REIN -Modlite OKW or PLH -Drop in carbine length rail from a reputable manufacturer. -20 round GI mags...
  14. Firearms Listings
    Spikes Tactical Tac15 lower and matched Upper are ceracoated green with 13 inch free float handguard and Ballistic Advantage Hanson 14.5 1/7 5.56 midlength gas system Aim Surplus Nickel Boron BCG melonite barrel and Ballistic Advantage gas block. VG6 Epsilon brake flash hider pinned and welded...
  15. Wanted To Buy
    Before I buy online I am looking for approx 2/3 20 round USGI mags. Looking for the straight ones with the slant at the bottom. Duramag or Surefeed are preferred.
  16. General Firearms Forum
    The gun camera setup is just a gimmick I put together with COTS parts for fun and to demonstrate the target invention. Here's a link to where you can see a video Keen to get any feedback I can and see if there might be a market for this. Happy to answer any questions I can. The targets can...
  17. Misc. Gun Stuff
    PP F&F only LEAVE COMMENTS BLANK! 1:Used Glock G19 Gen 5 GMB= $100 OBO shipped 2:Used Glock G42/G43/G43X/G48 OEM Trigger bar, just drop it in and go= $35 OBO shipped 3: Well Used Desantis Gunhide Glock G26/G27 leather IWB holster= $20 OBO shipped SOLD**4: Used HSGI Coyote Handcuff Taco= $25...
  18. Misc. Gun Stuff
    I have the following for sale. I am selling this to get hollow point and open-tip ammo. Frontier 5.56 55 grain (0.60 per round) x 150 round box x 1 box SOLD Winchester 5.56 55 grain ($0.60 per round) x 200 round box x 1 box + $10 shipping. SOLD Federal 5.56 Green Tip 62 grain ($0.65 per...
  19. Smart Shopper Great Deals
    Grabagun has a small variety of 9mm defense rounds, .357, .38, 40, 45 and 10mm as of this post. They also received a shipment of ARs and some glocks. I am not affiliated with them by any means. I am just trying to help out anyone in search of these items.
1-20 of 52 Results