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  1. Black Rifle Forum
    Anyone have experience buying direct from Lantac? Because of my military discount I get 20% off which makes the enhanced 308 bcg nib, 293$ out the door with shipping included. I can get it on primaryarms for like 321 out the door with better shipping. Primaryarms is always super fast shipping...
  2. Black Rifle Forum
    After much frustration and few answers I went ahead and dumped my DSA SA58 for this SIG 716i. I really wanted to love the FAL as much as my other DSA products but it just wasn't there. While I understand FALs require a certain level of tinkering and some sourcing of good magazines I just...
  3. Sights, Optics and Lasers/Lights
    Hey guys, I have a holosun 515GT red dot that I was looking to mount to a lightweight AR10 rifle. I was wondering if these optics are rated for .308 recoil and if anyone has experience with them on magnum caliber rifles, I was told that the recoil from my setup might destroy some optics and...
  4. Black Rifle Forum
    Hey guys, I have been working on a project AR10 with emphasis on weight. I shaved the rifle down to 8.5lbs without optics/mag but accuracy is less than acceptable to me; It is generally a 2-3 MOA rifle with the exception of Barnes TTSX (sub-MOA out to 200yds). Barrel is Faxon 18" pencil profile...
  5. Black Rifle Forum
    I'm curious to hear from other AR10 owners on what your average group size is and what it shoots best at 100-200yds. I have an Aero M5 that is getting 1.5-2" average groups at 100yds and 3.5" average at 200yds using mostly soft point ammo with the occasional SMK getting 3" at 200yds. Optics and...
  6. Black Rifle Forum
    Just like the title says, i have an offset flashlight mounted to my Aero M5 .308 and every mount I've used has failed within 100rds. Is there an offset mount that will not break under high recoil? I've used a streamlight, cloud defense and Olight mount so far with no success.
  7. Black Rifle Forum
    I once had a DPMS AP4 308, very accurate, but very heavy. Kinda want another 308 AR, who makes a nice, light weight version? Is the DPMS Gen II the light weight standard, or is there something better? If the answer is "build one", what components?
  8. Sold/Expired
    Up for sale a NIB DPMS Panther Arms Oracle AR-10 in .308win. Comes with one 20 rd magazine and literature. Asking price at $775+shipping.
1-8 of 8 Results