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ar pistol

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    Will you NFA your AR pistol if required or carry something else for a trunk gun?
  2. Black Rifle Forum
    How reliable are pistol length gas system ARs? I'm looking at a good deal on a used aero 11.3" 5.56 pistol build but it's pistol length gas which has me skeptical of it's reliability. I know that short gas systems are for subsonics or less than 10.5" barrels which makes me raise the question.
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    Quarter Circle 10 9mm AR / Pistol Caliber Carbine Excelent condition, approximately 150 rounds fired Uses all Glock 9mm double stack magazines ( 2 included) Shoots great! - Quarter Circle Ten Lower, Bolt and 7.5in. 9 mm barrel 1/2-28 Threading - Aero Percision upper keymod forend with QR...
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    For Sale (no trades please): I have a recent AR Pistol Build that I need gone for some needed extra cash. It has a Aero M4E1 forged lower that mimics a billet style of machining in its cosmetics, I have a Nickel Boron Coated Trigger control group along with a beefy Nickel Boron Coates Bolt. I...
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    Anyone tried, used, or purchased the .300 Blackout version of the Saint AR Pistol and can share any comments? I am thinking about getting one.
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    The mailman just brought me the last pieces to my puzzle. I just finished building her, now to get dies, powder and a red dot. This is my first AR pistol and 300 Blackout. Can't wait to go shoot her. Aero Precision Lower Aero Precision Enhanced Upper Ballistic Advantage 10 1/2" BA Hanson...