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  1. Gun Parts & Accessories
    10.5" 1/7 5.56 UTG quadrail, Magpul handstop BCM qd sling mount. SPF$225 Shipped OBO*SPF* **SOLD**12.5" 1/7 5.56 Midwest Industries HG $400 shipped OBO*SOLD* Lightly used, zero issues with either setup. Just making room for other projects. PP F&F, no notes or comments. Know your local and...
    $1 USD
  2. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Close please no longer open.
  3. Caliber Corner
    I had a chance to go on a coyote hunt with a friend on his property last week. This friend had a 10.5" 5.56 AR pistol, he swore up & down 62gr SP and 77gr HP worked great for anything within 200yds so that's all he used(said friend can shoot 1MOA so I never doubt his accuracy). Anyways, we...
  4. Black Rifle Forum
    I finished my modern take on the early 00s LEO patrol carbine in the form of this AR Pistol. I was able to source the parts for great deals from many of you on here. Very happy with the finished product. Specs DSA 10.3 AR Pistol KAC RIS with rail covers. ( Sourced from a user here for $150...
  5. Black Rifle Forum
    Hey all, I recently built an AR pistol in 7.62x39 with a 7.5" barrel and it has an interesting gas issue I've never seen before in my experience building. I put an adjustable gas block to tune the system as I normally do and set it to the lowest operable setting with reliable function. The...
  6. Black Rifle Forum
    Will you NFA your AR pistol if required or carry something else for a trunk gun?
  7. Black Rifle Forum
    How reliable are pistol length gas system ARs? I'm looking at a good deal on a used aero 11.3" 5.56 pistol build but it's pistol length gas which has me skeptical of it's reliability. I know that short gas systems are for subsonics or less than 10.5" barrels which makes me raise the question.
  8. Firearms Listings
    Quarter Circle 10 9mm AR / Pistol Caliber Carbine Excelent condition, approximately 150 rounds fired Uses all Glock 9mm double stack magazines ( 2 included) Shoots great! - Quarter Circle Ten Lower, Bolt and 7.5in. 9 mm barrel 1/2-28 Threading - Aero Percision upper keymod forend with QR...
  9. Firearms Listings
    For Sale (no trades please): I have a recent AR Pistol Build that I need gone for some needed extra cash. It has a Aero M4E1 forged lower that mimics a billet style of machining in its cosmetics, I have a Nickel Boron Coated Trigger control group along with a beefy Nickel Boron Coates Bolt. I...
  10. General Firearms Forum
    Anyone tried, used, or purchased the .300 Blackout version of the Saint AR Pistol and can share any comments? I am thinking about getting one.
  11. Black Rifle Forum
    The mailman just brought me the last pieces to my puzzle. I just finished building her, now to get dies, powder and a red dot. This is my first AR pistol and 300 Blackout. Can't wait to go shoot her. Aero Precision Lower Aero Precision Enhanced Upper Ballistic Advantage 10 1/2" BA Hanson...
1-11 of 11 Results