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  1. General Firearms Forum
    So I’ve been building Ar pistols and selling them which is way too much fun. Here is my latest; called the flying squirrel. Psychiatrist says I have The AR 15 building disorder. Only one I have is the top or fist and the CZ75 Omega w/ green grips. oh, my personal pistol at top has...
  2. Black Rifle Forum
    Well, I have been on the fence for some time trying to decide between building, or buying an AR. I have done a bunch of research. I actually wanted to go with a .224 with a 20" barrel, etc., but range ammo is not readily available at my local Walmart. So that may be a future build. I ordered a...
  3. Black Rifle Forum
    The good news is I got the new barrel and handguard installed on my AR, the bad news is during the process, I damaged the spring which holds my dust cover open. I didn’t even notice till it was finished. Where do I get a new spring for my dust cover and how do I install it?
1-3 of 3 Results