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  1. Caliber Corner
    Whenever the term ‘corrosive ammo’ gets tossed around new shooters, most of them recoil like a vampire exposed to sunlight. They think that shooting corrosive ammunition is akin to dumping highly concentrated sulfuric acid down the bores of their handguns or rifles. This couldn’t be further...
  2. Misc. Gun Stuff
    Hello, I have some range ammo for sale in the DFW area as follows: $25 - 350 Rounds Blazer .22LR 40 gr. FMJ (7x 50 Round Boxes of a 10 Pack) $50 - 500 Rounds Winchester Xpert 22 .22LR 36 gr. JHP (1x500 Round Loose Box) $50 - 525 Rounds Remington Golden Bullet .22LR 36 gr. JHP (1x 525 Round...
  3. Caliber Corner
    With declared ammo shortages, millions of ”new” shooters and now another ban, is 1k for each rifle and 500 for each pistol still enough? What do you think?
  4. Misc. Gun Stuff
    Five (5), 50-rounds boxes of 5.7x28 American Eagle FMJ Prefer FTF in the San Antonio, TX area $200.00 (.80/round)
  5. Caliber Corner
    Is here anyone who buy ammo from here: In Stock Ammo
  6. General Firearms Forum
  7. Articles
    To understand how American citizens today can get their hands on ammo, which rolls off the same factory lines as those that supply the world's largest militaries, it's important to first understand how munitions technology developed. Starting in medieval Europe, on a battlefield where a mounted...
  8. The Kalashnikov Klub
    Anyone ever seen or run this stuff in your 7.62x39 rifles? LGS has a whole rack of the stuff $20/20rds, bought some as a novelty. Sealed neck/primer, brass case circle 10 or 2013 headstamp.
  9. Firearms Listings
    NEW CONDITION Glock 20 Gen 4 (10mm) *Everything stock *All Original (3) 15 round magazines All paperwork Cleaning brush Lock All backstraps Case Only 50 rounds through it. PRICED TO SELL at $695.00 Buyer pays shipping and transfer fees.
  10. Caliber Corner
    Would you pay this: 357 Mag Federal American Eagle 158 Gr JSP(20 boxes of 50 Rnds) = 1000 rnds M-ID: AE357AF UPC: 029465085087 - $2,208.95 : Alamo Ammo, Need Bullets we will shoot them right over I don't ever wanna hear anyone complain about CheaperThanDirt ever again, lol. There's a new...
  11. Caliber Corner
    Does anyone have any experience with remington golden saber .40s&w ammo? Trying to find carry ammo for my G23🤔
  12. t

    General Firearms Forum
  13. Caliber Corner
    ......okay, it's my fault for not shopping around. I just bought two 20-round boxes of Buffalo Bore .357 Magnum with the 125gr. Barnes TAC-XP bullet, after getting a notification from Midway that it was back in stock. I knew I would be paying a lot, but that's the price you pay for wanting...
  14. General Glocking
    Before anyone starts the "don't use a .22 for home defense" argument... I know. Our primary home defense weapon is a S&W 9MM. My wife surprised me with a Glock 44 as a birthday gift to use for training and target practice. After a trip to the range with it, she asked what ammo we should keep in...
  15. General Glocking
    I noticed that a lot of the people I shoot with don't dry fire and it shows. So here's a video on some great methods I use 3x a week and also right before I leave my house so I'm warmed up. Plus when ammo is hard to come by this is a great tool to stay "frosty." View...
  16. General Firearms Forum
    I'm thinking it is getting worse. What do you think?
  17. Misc. Gun Stuff
    I have the following for sale. I am selling this to get hollow point and open-tip ammo. Frontier 5.56 55 grain (0.60 per round) x 150 round box x 1 box SOLD Winchester 5.56 55 grain ($0.60 per round) x 200 round box x 1 box + $10 shipping. SOLD Federal 5.56 Green Tip 62 grain ($0.65 per...
  18. Smart Shopper
    Grabagun has a small variety of 9mm defense rounds, .357, .38, 40, 45 and 10mm as of this post. They also received a shipment of ARs and some glocks. I am not affiliated with them by any means. I am just trying to help out anyone in search of these items.
  19. General Firearms Forum
    Hello, new to this site. Hoping you guys can help me out. So I carry Federal HST in my Glock 26. I'm sure just like everyone else I'm having trouble finding ammo. I was able to find some Winchester Silvertip HPs online so I ordered them. My question is if I carry those in my gun, is it a bad...
  20. Gun Parts & Accessories
    4 unused, new kahr mags 40S&W caliber, 6 round flat bottom,,.. flush in all 3.5" barrel kahr,, and slightly extended in 3" bbl. models $100 for all 4 6,,S&W, M&P mags,, 40 caliber, 15 round capacity genuine S&W,, $20 each,,, $120 for all 6 prefer to sell all at once. thx for looking no...
1-20 of 47 Results