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  1. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Hello, I have an AlphaWolf threaded barrel and an AlphaWolf compensator for sale. I bought them originally to possibly make an open gun for GSSF but started shooting USPSA and never got back around to it. Figure someone else can use it. Barrel: AW-34TH Compensator: AW-Comp Price: Take both...
  2. General Glocking
    Will the alpha wolf threaded barrel for the Glock 43 also fit the 43X? Thank you in advance! :-)
  3. Gun Parts & Accessories
    SOLD Used Lone Wolf Alpha Wolf threaded barrel for the Glock 19 Gen 1-4. 1/2x28 Round count is around 50, functioned 100%, consistently hit 8" and 10" plates from 10 to 20 yards. Only selling because I have more G19 barrels than Glock 19 pistols. SOLD! Thanks for looking.
1-3 of 3 Results