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  1. Misc. Gun Stuff
    800+ count .45 ACP brass, mixed headstamps, majority lrg primers with some sm primers........$45 shipped 80 count .45 GAP brass, mixed headstamps, some nickel-plated.......$14 shipped Accept PP and Square Cash transfers.
  2. Misc. Gun Stuff
    SOLD This brass has been picked up from a local range and has been dry tumbled. I'm selling off calibers I've been holding onto, thinking I'll eventually buy a pistol for. SOLD .45 GAP, mixed headstamp, dry tumbled 110ct - $11 Shipped SOLD 5.7x28, mixed headstamp, dry tumbled 196ct - $11...
  3. The Bull Dawgs Club
    I'm having serious problems finding any .45 GAP ammo locally. I'm assuming many of you are experiencing the same. Where do you guys place your orders for (a) range practice ammo and (b) defense ammo? Sad to say, but price is a major consideration for me. I like to get lots of practice, but at...
  4. The Bull Dawgs Club
    I've been very impressed with the quality of Talon leather holsters (Tallahassee, FL). Unfortunately they don't offer an IWB holster for the G39 specifically. But they offer (of course) one for the Glock 30 & 29 (item number GK30-IWB-T) and one for the Glock 26 & 27 (item GK26-T-IWB)...
  5. Sold/Expired
1-5 of 5 Results