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  1. General Glocking
    I'm really tempted to get a G37.4 but it's very scary not having G38.4 / G39.4. Since there are so savvy GT members with "inside information" and ample experience along the years... What do you think of Glock models in this caliber? are they going to get extinct? Maybe a surprising G37 gen5...
  2. Caliber Corner
    I didn't buy into it since it was no advantage for me to adopt. Some goofy salesman (in a store in Jacksonville, FL) said how it was more powerful than a 45 ACP. I kind of chuckled. However, with the lower capacity of a conventional 45 ACP, I didn't understand the hype back then. So I am...
  3. GATE Self-Defense Forum
    Good evening Mas A part time LE like you here. Previously 5 or more State police agencies issued 45 GAP pistols. Many of these have migrated to new guns. Do you now which agencies went to which pistols, and the duty rounds? Do any major agencies still issue 45 GAP? I sold mine. Happy...
1-3 of 3 Results