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45 acp jhp

  1. Caliber Corner
    I'm really only wondering for 45acp reasons. I've been carrying Hornady Critical Duty because the penetration in the FBI protocols. At the risk of sounding stupid I have a question. I know nothing about reloading myself so I buy all my ammo. Im in Ga. Everyone here says Gold Dots are superior it...
  2. Introduction Forum
    Hey all, New to the site here. Currently I only have a GLOCK 30 in my possession. There's something awesome about the .45 ACP cartridge, and I love the 30 because of it. Pocket dump photo I did a few weeks ago with the G30.
  3. Reloading
    Hello everyone. Last night was my first attempt ever at reloading. I have some 230 gr JHP projectiles made by Campro. They have flat sides then a cone. It seems because of that I need to seat it very deep for it to plunk unto the barrel of my Remington R1 and G21. The practice cartridges I...