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  1. Sold/Expired
    Hi, I have an early 90s, small frame, EAA Witness Silver Team for sale in .40s&w. The history: I paid about $1100 for it on GunBroker last year. Supposedly it only had 10 rounds put through it. It sure looked that way. Out of the box, it was unreliable, jamming every other round, failures...
    $675 USD
  2. Firearms Listings
    Mods, pls delete thread.
  3. General Glocking
    Throughout this whole ammo emergency .40 has been at least somewhat available. I've found it at Cabela's and online. And even tonight when I did a quick survey 15 minutes ago. No other pistol ammo was in stock just .40, and some .308, '06 & Creedmoor for rifles. No 5.56. The .40 seems to be the...
  4. Gun Parts & Accessories
    For sale is factory new Glock 22 magazines in FDE see the picture. I have several and none look like they have ever been loaded. SOLD shipping for 1-5 mags. Paypal discreet and you pay the fees or a USPS money order. Email works best for contact. [email protected] Thanks for looking SOLD
  5. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Hello to my fellow glock fans! I have a few Glocks in 9mm & .40 s&w (17, 19, 45, 26, 34, 27) and I am looking to see what accessories are out there that I may be interested in. Especially Interested in; - Glock +2 Baseplates - Extended controls (slide lock, slide stop, magazine release) -...
  6. Wanted To Buy
    Hi, wanted to buy: Glock 31 357 Sig barrel.... will buy outright or trade a new unfired G22 barrel. Pics available on request. Email or PM. weswarren(at)yahoo(dot)com
  7. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Hi, I have a new unfired G22 barrel. I will sell it outright for $87 shipped or trade for a G31 preferred. Pics available on request. Email or PM. weswarren(at)yahoo(dot)com
  8. General Glocking
    Bought these today because of the price.. Has anyone had any issues shooting this stuff in .40 S&W ? Glock23
  9. Gun Parts & Accessories
    I have a few black magazines for sale I have 2 9mm 33 round magazine’s I have 3 9mm g19 mags And I have 2 .40cal g23 mags All are new but Not an original packaging All are original Glock magazines And are the latest model magazines available I would like to sell them all together I live in...
  10. Firearms Listings
    SOLD G23 .40 Gen 4 for sale I'm downsizing a bit, and this is my only 40 cal. The pistol is in excellent (almost like new) condition and the upper has only seen exactly 13 rounds of .40 through it. I mainly used this gun as a 22lr conversion platform (with an Advantage Arms conversion kit -...
  11. Sold/Expired
    Here are a couple links to view pictures of my G22 that I engraved. (I am not sure how else to add a photo here) Let me know what you guys think !
  12. Caliber Corner
    hi everyone, i know my question could seem weird and i already checked others similar threads, but i haven't still found the informations/opinions i'm looking for. i know .40 is not the best round for big games and i wouldn't use it as an hunting load, but only for self defense against boars...
  13. Introduction Forum
    New here, not new to Glock. Purchased a Gen4 G23 back in 2012 and it's my EDC. Just looking to learn from everyone here
  14. Sold/Expired
    Like the tittle says. (5) Glock .40 mags for different models. (2) 9 rounds, one of them looks like pre ban. (1) 13 round, (1) 10 round. (1) 22 round. 60.00 Shipped to where the law in your state permits. Best way to contact me is: [email protected] . Paypal payment and buyer pays fees...
  15. Sold/Expired
    I can sell the weapon in two packages. Package 1: Glock 35 Gen 4 S.I. 3.5 lb Flat Trigger Stippling on grip, trigger gaurd, and frame Tritium Two Dot Night Sights Factory Backstraps Original Springs KKM Precision .40 cal barrel Factory .40 cal barrel Glock Store 9mm conversion kit 3 Magpul GL9...
  16. Caliber Corner
    I was reading an interesting article where an Ex LAPD officer says hydrostatic shock can hit you if you take a central body hit. HIs exact quote is below. "If you get a central hit in the chest by a modern .40 S&W from a Glock the bad guys are now carrying, the hydrostatic shock will kill...
1-16 of 17 Results