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  1. Articles
    The .40 S&W cartridge was developed with two specific goals in mind – to have more stopping power than the 9mm Parabellum, and better handling and manageability than the .45 ACP. With these goals in mind, a team comprised of technicians from Smith & Wesson and Winchester built the .40 S&W...
  2. General Glocking
    Just want to mention that the brass to face issue on a Glock 27 G27 Gen 2.5 with a Glock 23 G23 40-9 conversion barrel was resolved with the following parts ordered and installed... (1) glsp28927 SP28927 Glock Trigger Housing (Gen 4) 40 S&W $9.95 (only use the 28926 ejector) (1) Glock OEM...
  3. Reloading
    I reload 9 mm and am well aware that different headstamps can make a difference. But I’m new to reloading cast 40 cal and I’m wondering their headstamps. Should I avoid any 40 S&W headstamps. Is there any preferred brands(like Federal for 9mm)? I’ve loaded a few hundred of mixed headstamps...
  4. General Firearms Forum
    when can you say one cartridge hits as hard as another? we can judge the power of a cartridge with kinetic energy and power factor. which one determines how hard a bullet hits? if it has the same kinetic energy it might smack the target the same, but not have the power factor (momentum) to...
  5. General Glocking
    Distance: 7 yards. G31 gen 4 with AW conversion barrel 40SW
  6. General Firearms Forum
    I have decided to buy a non-glock .40 sw caliber, and wanting to stay under $650. With a slight chance of going the 9mm route instead (but that is a different story). I already have 5 glocks of which one of them the G22-, but none are 9mm. I feel like buying another type of gun for fun/change...
  7. Firearms Listings
    SOLD G23 .40 Gen 4 for sale I'm downsizing a bit, and this is my only 40 cal. The pistol is in excellent (almost like new) condition and the upper has only seen exactly 13 rounds of .40 through it. I mainly used this gun as a 22lr conversion platform (with an Advantage Arms conversion kit -...
  8. General Firearms Forum
    What is the best 9mm handgun in your opinion? Combat/ Duty Pistol.
1-9 of 9 Results