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  1. Gunsmithing
    Hi GlockTalk team, I enjoy shooting 22lr ammo and after trying the Glock 44...I wanted a long slide (& long barrel) version of it :). Does anyone know where I can buy or how I (or a gun smith) can build this? I’ve seen other companies like Zev make long slide upgrades for the Glock 19 (ex...
  2. General Glocking
    Hi, Due to ammo prices rising in my area I have purchased a Glock 44. That means upgrades. But what fit this Glock? Yes its almost the same as a Glock 19 physically but on the inside, very different. I was looking at some reviews of some triggers but they don't peak my interest. My main...
  3. Firearms Listings
    Looking to sell a used Ruger SR22 pistol. Good starter pistol. Also uses very cheap ammo compared to 9mm/40/45. I'm not interested in trades of any kind. Caliber: .22lr Color: Black Condition: Used. I'm not clear on the ratings, but works perfect for me, no issues. Shoots straight, if...
  4. General Glocking
    Nobody is asking about this, but I just thought it was cool that the G44 works with the dry fire mag. Video here
  5. Gun Parts & Accessories
    Advantage Arms Glock 17/22 size 22lr magazines - BNIB PM only for communication please. First one to post "I'll take it" in this thread gets the item. I have this cross posted and the same rule applies everywhere. Asking questions will not cause me to hold this item for you. See above. Payment...
  6. Rimfire Forum
    OK, I'm looking to get a "precision" bolt action takedown rifle and am looking for recommendations. By precision, I would be happy with under 3 moa (100 yrds) using standard velocity CCI's. It will only be shot off of a bag or bipod and its purpose is purely target shooting. Price wise I can...
  7. Gun Parts & Accessories
    SOLD For sale: Advantage Arms 22LR conversion kit with 5 mags for Glock 17/22/31/37 Gen 1-3 only: $249 The kits comes with everything it did when purchased new, plus the 4 extra mags. That's like buying the kit and getting about $75 worth of mags for free. I cut out the foam in the upper...
  8. Gun Parts & Accessories
    SOLD Selling my rare Advantage Arms 22LR conversion kit. Fits all G20 and G21 Gen 3 models - I used it on my G20SF (which is sold). It's in good shape and functions well. These can be picky on ammo, but after it was broken in I never had trouble with any high velocity ammo...I mostly used...
  9. Gun Parts & Accessories
    SOLD Advantage Arms 22LR Glock 19-23-32 Gen 4 conversion kit with 4 mags Turn your Glock into a 22lr shooter with this conversion kit. Swap out the slide and mag and you are good to go. This kit has seen a few hundred rounds through it – I tried a box of Federal standard velocity (Walmart)...
  10. Bullseye Shooting

    Shooting Smallbore Bullseye with my Browning Buck Mark Contour 5.5 URX SE. Aimpoint 3000. Before I got a shooting box.
  11. Red Dot shooting Bullseye

    Red Dot is easier on the eyes for us older folks! Aimpoint 3000, Browning Buck Mark 5.5 Contour, Ultragrip RX, Pro Target
1-12 of 12 Results