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  1. General Glocking
    Debating between buying a G44 or purchasing a pre-owned lower and a .22lr conversion kit slide. Pros/Cons? Thanks BF PS How would you compare the G44 to the Browning Buckmark or the Ruger Series .22LR?
  2. Rimfire Forum
    Folks, I have a question and I can't seem to find an answer. I have an Intercontinental Arms Dakota single-action revolver that I inherited. It was made by Uberti. Essentially, it is a Colt SSA clone. The revolver is chambered in .22LR. I would like to pick up an extra cylinder in .22WMR...
  3. Wanted To Buy
    Longshot, but hoping someone has one, or both they are looking to sell.
  4. General Glocking
    The Glock 44 Thread
  5. General Firearms Forum
    The 80% came today. Slight misalignment of the lockingblock-triggerpin hole. Nevertheless, mildly brutish force saved the day. I had to shave down the front rails. Anyway, here is it, with an Advantage Arms .22LR upper. Fired just 10 shots and no problems.
  6. General Glocking
  7. Sold/Expired
    As the title states, I upgraded the front site to a Dawson Precision fiber optic sight and had it professionally installed by my gunsmith. It comes with the original sight as well and additional fiber rods. The sight is dead on and the kit works flawlessly on both my Remington Carry Commander &...
1-7 of 7 Results