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I just finished these for a client
Grey Frame with beaver tail back grip attached, 31 round mag
Glock 45 , everything OEM except the Iron sights. The sights are tall suppressor height sights from Ameriglo. I bought the front sight to replace the stock fully blacked out out. I prefer tritium. Gun came with stick threaded barrel made by Glock. Comes with three 17 round magazines and...
*100% Handcrafted, handsewn from 6oz. leather * Made in the USA * Designed with a tensioner and a galvanized plate to maintain the holsters shape when the firearm is drawn. * Brand new, so the leather will be stiff and will soften after use.
EDC Tactical Light, M-Lock and Picatinny Compatible. Multi-function unique tail tube: disassembly-free charging, Quick-Function-Switch, tactical ring.
This gun was put together with intent to maximize the shootability and comfort of the Brand new, at the time, L frame S&W. Replacing the White outline rear blade for an all black makes it easier to focus on the red front, Stippling the backstrap of the fr
Very well kept 380 acp rounds for trade off and looking for 45 cal acp ammo
I’ve put 120-150 shots through. It’s a great gun, just not for me. I’m small, 100lbs so this gun is harder for me to conceal then I was expecting. It comes with two magazines and has iron sights that I bought it with. Bought for $650. I live in snohomish county WA. Going for 500