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Showcase cover image for 1981-82 Smith & Wesson 686 No Dash Custom -- 357 Mag -- Hurst Grip Option

General Information

This gun was put together with intent to maximize the shootability and comfort of the Brand new, at the time, L frame S&W. Replacing the White outline rear blade for an all black makes it easier to focus on the red front, Stippling the backstrap of the frame gives the shooter some tactile traction the OEM serrations never did. Numbering your chambers allows the shooter to identify his 'best and worst' chambers for accuracy, something most of us would never realize might be a thing. Action tuned to a buttery 8# DA and 2.25# SA. Lastly the addition of John Hurst Stocks takes the ergonomics up about 10 notches over the 2x4s they shipped with in those days.

This gun left Springfield sometime in late 81, or early 82. Has some scattered holster wear as expected on a gun built to run. It was sent in for the 'recall' on the early L frames, note the M stamp. Great action and good timing.

$1450 with the Hurst's

$1075 with Rubbers



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