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      The only available ammo i saw during the last idiot frenzy, was shotgun shells. When Wally world was dry of everything else, there were still shotgun shells. Shtf .... Hope u have a gauge gun. Juz saying.
      You do realize the idiots are the ones that failed to prepare.

      Don't forget molds to cast that shot in the still available shotgun shells into
      buckshot and slugs, if one waits long enough you will not be able to get
      molds either.

      This is not perfect but it does work in a 20 ga, I wrap enough TP under and
      around it to center it in the wad, it also works in a 12 ga tri ball load.


      Here is some for 12 slugs and buckshot loads, remember also for a cheap but still
      effective load in many revolvers a round ball that is a little over sized will turn your
      44 or any caliber into a modern cap and ball gun, only better.

      I have these molds but have never used them yet but have cast round balls in
      standard molds for the 454 and on down.




      If you want to have some good cheap fun with the 12ga get a .662 to a .678''
      round ball mold, the .690 lee mold can work but it is too big for the wads.
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      Here is a devastating load for the 12ga for big game
      or anything you want to pulverize, three big sixty cal
      balls with one shot that groups in around four inches
      at 45 yards is bad business.!

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      Hello Mike! The Dixie Tri-Ball is not what is considered a Buck and Ball load, but rather a multi-ball load. The original Buck and Ball load has one round ball and various mumber of buck shot. As a military round, it was issued to those that had smoothbore muskets. A fine example was the loads issued to the 26th Georgia Infantry at Fredricksburg. The shot the Irish Brigade to pieces in their three charges against the stonewall. It was a close range load indeed.
      The recipe for Tri-Ball is as follows:
      (1) 12 ga 3" Cheddite, Fiocchi, or Federal Gol Metal hull
      (2) 28/29 grs of Alliant Blue Dot
      (3) Precision Relooding Orange Wad TUPRWW123
      (4) Three .600" hard cast round balls
      (5) Precision Reloading buffer
      (6) Thin overshot wad.
      The buffer is to be vibrated around the balls. The ball tapped tight in the wad so the bottom ball is snug in the wad. Wads are dusted with Motor Mica
      Regards, James
      Dixie Slugs ( of the Dixie Terminator!

      You can get a .600'' Lee mold for around 25 dollars, I also
      use that .600'' ball in the 20ga.

      The nice thing about reloading your own is, you can control
      the FPS, recoil, you don't need super power for close in shots.


      • .600 Diameter Single Cavity Round Ball Mold
      • By: Lee
        Item # 006-90975
      • Price: $19.08
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