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Mm..looks like heaven
I'm not allowed to say, as policy forbids it.


Have you seen me?, from Mm..looks like heaven

Waking up this week... Dec 16, 2015

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Jul 11, 2020 at 8:46 AM
    1. Sechott
      Any advice you have to offer I’ll gladly accept.
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    2. wprebeck
      Waking up this week...
    3. series1811
      Hey, I saw your shout out. I've been working a new job and really enjoying the warm weather on weekends and boating a lot, so I don't spend as much time on the internet as I used to (you can only give you opinion on so many things, so many times, LOL!). I do like to check in and read a few posts every once in a while though.
    4. wprebeck
      As classy as you and the other nutjobs who think there's a conspiracy afoot in Connecticut. You keep running it, I'll keep calling you names - mmkay?

      Because "classy" covers what you and your fellow window-licking mouth breathers are doing with this tragedy. You're no better than the other side, with your willingness to make this a political event. Piece of crap - but, you showed that with your lack of morals when posting about trying to cheat on your girlfriend during a political event. Not really surprised at any you say or do, as moral fortitude seems to be a character you lack.
    5. G19G20
      Stay classy "fag".
    6. Jake Starr
      Jake Starr
      I would be interested in the 870 course. Could you let me know of cost and date.

      You know me from Bluegrass indoor range, now TG&G
    7. GenoTac Ind.
      GenoTac Ind.
      So who this Natty cat, Dawg? He look like he got beef wit ya...
    8. Glock-it-to-me
      I know who YOU are.
    9. GlockmanPA
      In your reply to my Viagra post I would like to clarify that I was not looking for illegal means to obtain it. Perhaps it was poor wording on my part but I was/am looking for a cheap LEGAL place to use my LEGALLY obtained prescription with out mortgaging my house. And as to to pm requests I only put that there so that someone who may be able to point me in the right direction without "outting" themselves with a condition that can be embarassing. I am sorry you took my post the wrong way. God Bless Wesley M. Magness
    10. wprebeck
      Nope, no problem at all. That's why I made my post - I know who you are from previous ventures you've had on GT. Have a great day.
    11. Natty
      Why the personal attack? I never even heard of you.

      Do you have issues with truthful, accurate posts?
    12. GenoTac Ind.
    13. wprebeck
      I see stuff like that all the time. On another forum I frequent (hunting related), there's a guy drawing disability. He openly admits he's on the government dole, yet is physically capable of deer hunting, fishing, whatever. Basically, he does anything I do, except for actually holding down a job. It's disgusting. If you can hunt, you can work, plain and simple. I don't care if it's manual labor or what...there's plenty of jobs that don't require standing or lifting stuff. He can obviously type, being that he's online all the time....receptionist, anyone?
    14. Another Miller
      Another Miller
      on welfare.I know of 1 family that is abusing the system.The dad claims he cant read,write or keep a job yet he owns 3 vehicles and lives in a small house on the cheap.He gets SS and recently won a settlement back pay in the +10k amount,he bought a new harley motorcycle with it.His gf lives with him with their 3 kids,they get welfare.It is rumored they get high alot.He was bragging about all the benefits he gets and with his "disability" he gets a drivers lisc and 3 vehicles yet cant work.The guy totally disgusts me.If he can get a drivers lisc,he can work.
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    Mm..looks like heaven
    I'm not allowed to say, as policy forbids it.


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