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Oct 20, 2014
Aug 2, 2005
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Oct 20, 2014
    1. bdcochran
      I continue to downsize. Until I go to a gunshow in Arizona, I am through selling gun parts or magazines. I started a year ago with 2 loaded 2 car garages, a loaded attic, and loaded closets. I am down to about 1/4 of an attic, 1/2 of a two car garage. Gave away a lot of stuff as well as had some sold by a client at gun shows and through the internet.

      It is part of the sophisticating down process.

      I got rid of 5 pair of shoes in the last three weeks. I am also down to one car from three a few years ago.
    2. Rashid.4v
      People!! Take note, this here is a man of dignity and respect.

      Best wishes B.

    3. windplex
      Sounds thorough! I am back to rollerblading and exercing. My weight is higher than I am comfortable with so need to be active and not succomb to tempting but unhealthy food at work. Local park added a workout station so can do everything I need after I blade -- very nice. Brian
    4. bdcochran
      Had brain mri and cat scan, eeg, ekg, treadmill, carotid tests. doing the dental work. spending just about full time listing things for sale on the internet and reducing down the rubble.
    5. windplex
      Brian, Good luck with all your projects. The CAT scan sounds potentially ominous. Hope it isn't. All the best, Brian
    6. bdcochran
      I finished the most recent project. I assembled at least 10 boxes of gun parts and gun related stuff that I intend to sell at a Gun show in November. I realize that I am not getting any younger and will have to do things myself. Tomorrow, I drive to Las Vegas. A brother living there got married and is having a reception. Will sight in a rifle on the way and either get paid for a second rifle or will take it back from a guy. Next week, I will get back to finishing up the book that I have been writing. Have a CAT scan on the stomach and INT doctor scheduled for Friday. Had a full set of dental x rays taken today and a filling.
    7. windplex
      Well Brian, You are as industrius as ever! Me I have been working my days off and half days off. Now in internet deparment sold or delivered 23 cars last month and 15 already this month on track to do 30 ot 40. CAsh for clunkers is pulling the market forward. Big red would no doubt qualify if you cared to have her crushed for $4500. Been painting the exterior of my house -- what my wife and dad talked me out of due to my back last year. Well hired a guy and he was unreliable so someone had to do it. And at least I get to see exactly the condition it is in.
      Sorry to hear about diabetis. Hope you can control it with diet -- if anyone can I know you can!
      My diet is a mixed bag. My weight is absolutely fine. My exercise is hit or miss as I have been working too much but on my stress test I did better than last year and could have done another 20 minutes and doctor noticed that. I eat well at work except on sat when food is catered in. At home I pretty much eat what I want since I eat so well at work -- majority of my meals.
      Had a boy from madrid for a month -- fernando -- he was a hoot and fit right in. Did fun stiuff with him and my family. He had fun and enjoyed my wife's cooking which is mediterrainianian and other culters rather than only American fair. He spent time with another American family that ate run of the mill bland america food and he had the impression all americans ate that way. Now he knows better.
      Number three child -- 17 -- went to germany for a month with permission to try the beer and now likes beer and red wine. Does not abuse it nor do my other two. The rule is he can have a beer or wine with dinner if he is not going out as a beverage. So hopefully this takes the "forbidden fruit" appeal away from alchohol for him so he doesn't feel the need to binge later.
      Well dealership said i was making too much money and took some back -- broke the pay plan "contract'. Told my manager i would not put up a fuss over $50 but will not alllow it ever again. Same week a friend said his wife is hiring and I am a perfect fit and it pays better than car sales and is 8 to 430 and no weekends or nights. So I applied and passed the management test required -- not terribly worreid about that part. So might say good by to auto sales if comes throught. Will feel a bit like George Plimpton when in that movie ages ago he took numerous jobs for a month at a time. Well 3.5 months in auto sales, with only taking one full day off, feels like a life time! Havent had time to shoot and hardly time to workout -- especially lately! Not healthy mentally or physically.
      Novel -- what's up?
      All the best! Brian
    8. bdcochran
      1. I am working on health. Changing diet. Probably pre-diabetic.
      2. I am finished combing the attic, garage and storage for things to sell. Picked out about 15 boxes. Have to list things - ranging from Thompson Submachine gun lower to AR15 parts to HK parts to 870, 1100 and .45acp parts. Gunshow in November.
    9. windplex
      Good progress and planning on your part per usual -- thanks for the tips! Sure to be panic, building, IMO. Closing milwaukee city schools due to cases. People are worried.

      Well have been working 8:30 till 8:10 and through lunch -- did a week bell to bell as they say exept for my day off where I leaft early at 6:45. Today I had off till 2pm and went in to train. Good thing since caught my first sale during my morning off and I am liked by the Hmong trusted advisor among the family which has needs for more honda vans -- gonna buy that man dinner; he translated and helped :-). Good news is I am surviving; pain is manageable. 2 miles from home so can go home for lunch to stretch if necessary - did one day. Thuoughly tired at end of 12 hour days but less so as week progressed. Gives confidence to do other full time jobs and even travel equired. Interesting biz only had 1 hour training with manager so far. Would have been useful to have a written list of common objections and answers as did at 3M -- heck if I could read that I would get up to speed MUCH sooner. Place really designed for experienced-only auto sales people and sink or swim atmosphere: been told so. And that is fine; no matter how I do I have already gained VERY beneficial learning about my abilities and that alone is terrific. Good to be out among folks and useful. Bad to be tired to the bone when have time off. All in all good.
    10. bdcochran
      Still weightlifting. Working down the .223 reloads. Have a couple or three thousand to go through. The bad news - my personal match loads do not cycle. The good news - I found out now and am using them in practice to get the crap out of my life.

      I bought a few cases of fruit cocktail/tuna fish in anticipation of the run on food stocks when the panic messages come out about the swine flu.
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