Jul 31, 2005
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    1. bdcochran
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    2. Warp
      Annnnnd there's a big popup at the bottom of my window as I type this.

      What a shame.

      And I completely agree. The mommy calling time out you refer to was one of my first issues.

      I need to get myself on other boards though. As it is I have memberships floating around here or there but I never visit, let alone frquent, anywhere else.
    3. why
      Glad yours was the last message in the anti-popup thread before it was locked. I agree 100% with what you posted. Some of us remember back when GT was a single board where a bunch of enthusiasts could get together and kick **** around without mommy calling for timeouts everytime somebody got their ****** hurt. now it seems that the sites are run soley for the benefit of commerce and the 14 yr olds that are all too common now. ARFCOM subforums are run pretty much solely for the benefit of whoever will buy a moderatorship and I'm afraid GT is heading down that path too. Fortunately, other good boards are always cropping up.

      Have enjoyed your posts in S/P over the years. See you around the other boards.
    4. Warp
      Fixing now
    5. Bill Lumberg
      Bill Lumberg
      Tried to pm. Box is full.
    6. Warp
      I do not know of any that I consider "small" with a striek bezel. Are you familiar with the surefire E2D defender?

      I have an Olight M20 Warrior Premium R2 with a wicked strike bezel but for a 2xCR123 light it is fairly large.
    7. revel8
      you sound really knowledgeable on flashlights ! Do any other smaller lights come with a strike bezel ? or will i only find that on larger flashlights ? not neccesarily needing that on a keychain light, but on a pocket clip flashlight
    8. Warp
      No, I do not.

      I will one of these days but don't want to spend the time/money/ammo right now.

      I shoot once in awhile at the range and have enough professional firearm training under my belt that I comfortable for the moment.
    9. roguedaddy
      Noticed your from GA and are always helpful to others. Do you happen to shoot IDPA at Southriver Gun Club?
    10. beforeobamabans
      I like your style. Friendship message sent.
    11. Warp
      The holster simply holds it that tight. Model AG 158.

      It isnt going anywhere but draws readily.
    12. 1canvas
      i was checking out one of your posts and you had a picture of a 642 in a galco ankle glove with no thumb strap. i carry a few different j-frames in an ankle glove for years and never knew they made one without a strap. what holds the gun in and how is the retension?
    13. BR549
      That was a smiley at the last of the last comment.
    14. BR549
      I hope things work out well for you (even though I disagree with so much of what you say on these forums :) )
    15. Warp
      I'm working on it. Went back to my old job, it's not that bad and they like me, they are now tlaking about my potential and my future with the company since I do not have specific other plans. I have a couple other decent apps in and still intend to go back to school and get a 4 year degree. I currently have a 2 year degree and a bunch of other credits since I jumped majors
    16. BR549
      Any idea what's next for you?
    17. Warp
      Correct. Left the job, decided against that career about halfway through academy
    18. BR549
      Are you still LEO? The reason I ask is that you mentioned in a post I saw a while back that you had left your job.
    19. Warp
      Good to hear! :)
    20. garebel
      sent in my check for membership in georgiacarry.org yesterday!
      Looking forward to membership in that fine organization.
      I appreciate your input and sig line!
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