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Aug 23, 2002
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Jul 12, 2020 at 4:23 PM
    1. JohnnyE
      GT limits dialogue. In MoCo, saying unpopular things is needed. I admired Sharon’s (bless her) way.

      Mom survived Nazis. Freedom is VITAL. JFK said, “we are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is afraid of its people.”

      What is policy?
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      2. JohnnyE
        Thanks for your prompt response. Apologies. 420 character limit is tough. Why have standards for deleting posts tightened? I understand dealing profanity, racism, sexism, etc., but hard subjects need to be aired. Or are we limited to Glock-related tech and tactics? What are the new standards and why?
        Aug 18, 2018
      3. vote Republican
        vote Republican
        Not sure which thread or post you're referring to. Obviously it depends on which forum, but the rules haven't changed that I'm aware of. Haven't been on quite as much recently. Possibly things were let slide in the past that shouldn't have been?
        Aug 18, 2018
      4. JohnnyE
        I was motivated to ask because I note an increase in chatter about a perceived tightening of dialogue, someone like Gamer Girl disappearing, and even a few of my posts. I never noted this before and it raised my concern. I would rather be offended or trolled rather than see those sorts of behaviors squelched.
        Aug 18, 2018
    3. Michael Rye
      Michael Rye
      I go to Gundude's profile, and click on 'view all posts' and get matches.

      I get that with nobody else.

      I find it odd, that someone who calls himself 'Gundude' never posts in any gun related forums.

      And what's up with the whole 'no results' prompt?

      This place is becoming a joke.
    4. English
      I have just written a fairly long and carefully reasoned post about the woman who filmed her own abortion. Only when I tried to post it did the system tell me the thread was closed and there was no sign before or after I finished writing that it was so. That is very frustrating, especially since the process also destroyed what I had written. I do realize the necessity to close some threads but the software should not wipe out what someone has written in good faith.
    5. TheJ
      I have inquiry i hope you can help with. I don't seem to be able to search the political issue forum at all. I can't find my posts there and even when I go to my profile and click on recent post it doesn't return any results from that forum.
      Is his unique to me or no? Also is it a glitch or intention? If intentional why?
      Thank you.:)
    6. Flintlocker
    7. ERASER
      I posted a thread about a Michael Moore video. Both the text of the story and the accompanying video contained inappropriate language.
      I edited out the link that was in my original post but not before another member copied it in his reply. I cannot contact SCMasterBlaster directly since it appears that he does not accept PMs.

      Can you please edit the link from his reply???

      Thank You,

    8. Butch
    9. Bello
    10. Jason D
      Jason D
      Why are you cheating on my profile with Scream's?
      You two timing man whore!
    11. Road Hog
      Road Hog
      Now that I am able to post, thank you for clearing that up, when will my post concerning loading the 357 Sig appear? I guess I just don't understand how this posting thing works. I thot one would just post something and then it would appear but it doesn't. I wonder why? Did you even get my post, I am now wondering. Strange.

      Road Hog
    12. Rickenbacker53
      you moved my mentioning primers in the wrong forum a few weeks ago..If your indeed a moderator ..there is a business post to sell an item with links to a company ..Posted by the seller in the 1911 forum
    13. RickD
    14. El_Ron1
      Is this the real vR or the Sear's vR?
    15. GLOCKCHA
      lol...oh no !!
    16. DOC44
      When I click on Denalipark's screen name to view her profile I get colbobber,s profile. Is this function IP based?

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