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vote Republican
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Sep 23, 2017 at 7:59 AM
Aug 23, 2002
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OAF Mecca, MD

vote Republican

White and nerdy, from OAF Mecca, MD

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Sep 23, 2017 at 7:59 AM
    2. Michael Rye
      Michael Rye
      I go to Gundude's profile, and click on 'view all posts' and get matches.

      I get that with nobody else.

      I find it odd, that someone who calls himself 'Gundude' never posts in any gun related forums.

      And what's up with the whole 'no results' prompt?

      This place is becoming a joke.
    3. English
      I have just written a fairly long and carefully reasoned post about the woman who filmed her own abortion. Only when I tried to post it did the system tell me the thread was closed and there was no sign before or after I finished writing that it was so. That is very frustrating, especially since the process also destroyed what I had written. I do realize the necessity to close some threads but the software should not wipe out what someone has written in good faith.
    4. TheJ
      I have inquiry i hope you can help with. I don't seem to be able to search the political issue forum at all. I can't find my posts there and even when I go to my profile and click on recent post it doesn't return any results from that forum.
      Is his unique to me or no? Also is it a glitch or intention? If intentional why?
      Thank you.:)
    5. Flintlocker
    6. ERASER
      I posted a thread about a Michael Moore video. Both the text of the story and the accompanying video contained inappropriate language.
      I edited out the link that was in my original post but not before another member copied it in his reply. I cannot contact SCMasterBlaster directly since it appears that he does not accept PMs.

      Can you please edit the link from his reply???

      Thank You,

    7. Butch
    8. Bello
    9. Jason D
      Jason D
      Why are you cheating on my profile with Scream's?
      You two timing man whore!
    10. Road Hog
      Road Hog
      Now that I am able to post, thank you for clearing that up, when will my post concerning loading the 357 Sig appear? I guess I just don't understand how this posting thing works. I thot one would just post something and then it would appear but it doesn't. I wonder why? Did you even get my post, I am now wondering. Strange.

      Road Hog
    11. Rickenbacker53
      you moved my mentioning primers in the wrong forum a few weeks ago..If your indeed a moderator ..there is a business post to sell an item with links to a company ..Posted by the seller in the 1911 forum
    12. RickD
    13. El_Ron1
      Is this the real vR or the Sear's vR?
    14. GLOCKCHA
      lol...oh no !!
    15. DOC44
      When I click on Denalipark's screen name to view her profile I get colbobber,s profile. Is this function IP based?

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    OAF Mecca, MD


    God, please look after Sharon until I get there. Or maybe she’ll look after you, because that’s how she was.

    Power corrupts. Absolute power is really, really, cool.