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Oct 3, 2000
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Apr 12, 1974 (Age: 43)
Lakeland, FL.
Manufacturer's Technical Rep.


Anti-Federalist, Male, 43, from Lakeland, FL.


Kimber 1911 May 29, 2015

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    1. syntaxerrorsix
    2. tyesai
      I'm just a newb to diving although it is very addictive and the more I do it the more I like to challenge myself. I don't go to just crash around the reef with the tourist but I really work hard on buoyancy and trim every dive. Cave diving is interesting to me from the technical / skill aspect but I also recognize that it isn't a forgiving form of recreation! I love the thought of getting into some deep wreck diving basic deco skills, something equivalent to a PADI Tech 40 but not necessarily that class. I've got such a long way before I get to that point though. I've found that diving is easy to do but hard to do well. As far as the politics forum I just like to go and occasionally point out some of the glaringly faulty logic but the general vibe of that place is that as long as it has an R by it's name it has to be good....blah....Kind of why I quit coming here for a few years....
    3. tyesai
      I saw your response in the politics forum and I see your an avid scuba diver. I got certified two years ago in Turkey but never did much with it until recently. The last 3 months I've managed to get 18 dives in and I love it. I live on the West coast of Spain and have been diving in the Straight of Gibraltar. I try to get some of my co-workers to go that have been stationed in Guam or Hawaii but they just complain that the water is to cold (60 degree's), the vis crap (35-60 feet), and nothing to see, (I've seen the coolest critters but usually they are small, but there is Mola Mola, Angel Sharks and Eagle Rays, plus all the usual octopus, reef fish, nudibranchs, crabs, ect...It is an adventure every time! In your pic you've got doubles on, do you do a lot of cave diving since you're in Florida or do you have other interest?
    4. auto-5
      Hay man I was just wondering what wing setup you have on your doubles in that pic?
    5. chickenwing
      No problem! I snorkel and free dive, but have only been scuba diving once. Love seeing the diving avatars, great stuff!

      Those pictures taken in Florida waters?


      I have to say, thanks for the good fight and supporting a limited government. I know you take a lot of crap for it and the aggressive approach. But damn if there isn't some knot heads when it comes to GTPI Republicans. Don't care if they like it, but you swinging back along with a few other posters is awesome.

      BTW thanks for your service and holding the same ideals IMHO that made America great, Freedom. I don't begrudge anyone who serves, even if they support Barry, but it's nice to hear from a vet that goes against the status qua.
    6. Rashid.4v
      Hey man, how are ya. I was pretty busy in 2011, spent most of it in Iraq. Shipping out next week again. Hope all is well with you brother. Thanks for the shout. Take care.
    7. tantrix
      Agreed...his logic is just all over the place. I don't think he'll ever get it. Now I'm having to go at it with people in GNG because I made an Obama I'm seriously worried about 2012 if this is how people are thinking.
    8. bdcochran
      I believe the sentiment is that knives for defense is generally a poor idea, even with two of them.

      When I lived in Afghanistan, I carried 5 knives. My late wife carried 3. It wasn't always possible to carry a firearm. Walked out via the Khyber Pass - 11/1977
    9. Green_Manelishi
      If you know any others, point them at the site. If you are interested in more detail re: my training/experience send an email to Green_Manelishi@Juno.Com. I need to update the site(s) to reflect events of the past couple of years.
    10. Green_Manelishi
      Thanks for compliment re: the sDIR.
    11. syntaxerrorsix
      I think the moderator had a feeling where it was going.
      Nothing makes a communist more mad than calling them a communist :)
    12. Texas T
      Texas T
      Oh well, we tried.

      Not sure why the thread was locked though. Name calling was minor.
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    Apr 12, 1974 (Age: 43)
    Lakeland, FL.
    Manufacturer's Technical Rep.
    Slightly obssesive compulsive and mostly cranky.

    Shooting straight. Diving often. Fishing, golf, literature, technology.


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