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Mar 28, 2012
Sep 22, 2004
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Mar 28, 2012
    1. THEPOPE
      Hello, Kyle, I got your last message in my P.M. folder today, just to let you know, I thought mebbe this may work better for us, this genre for a conversation....

      You mentioned some of the probs you been having as late, and as some of these work themselves out, you will feel less anxious about them, and feel better, no doubt.

      For example, your car prob will soon be over, ( you didn't say what it was, but these kind of probs are the first usually to get fixed...

      The girl trouble also will soon resolve, and that can be a relief as well, adding to your sense of well being.

      I just thought of something, can anyone read this but you ?

      Maybe this isn't the place for a personal conversation, after all, anyway, I have been kind of non-specific here, until I know more about this message port....

      I can't seem to get to the blog sections anymore, used to when the forum first changed, but now I can't seem to access them, so, I can't read yours....or any for that matter, go figure.

      On a personal note, for me, my sis is going through a round of intense chemo and radiation treatments for a cancer the docs found recently....soooo, send some positive energy her way, and I'll continue to send some your way, could help, can't hurt, eh ?

      Keep up the therapy, don't self-medicate too much, and catch ya later, pal....

      I am out sir.....( Ric) The Pope
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    Equinsu Ocha, Equinsu Ocha!!


    -Razoreye ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

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