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    1. islandglocker
      No problem. Just make sure that you do not bring any guns with you. Bring your CCW and any course certificates you might have. Immigration officers huh not sure if they can help unless they are very close with the commissioner of police himself or the boss of Special Branch.
    2. islandglocker
      It isnt difficult though not as easy as texas. You need to have a CLEAN police record "mandatory", You should either have been a member of a gun club for six months or taken a basic firearms handling course or training of some sort that has a certificate, if the training is american better yet.

      Then you need justification, like say if you live in a remote area far from the Police dpt., If you own a business, or if you hold a job in which you carry lots of cash in your person.

      BTW your business doesnt have to be a huge business it could be a little shop or something to that effect.

      Then you sit down for Vetting with a police officer from the Special Branch. it takes like fifteen minutes and then he turns that in with your application to Belmopan. After a month you receive a letter telling you weather you got the permit approved or not.

      I know a friend of mine who's permit was denied three times before they finally approved it. I guess they got tired of him applying hahahaha BTW there is no law or limit as to how many times you can apply.

      I know a lady who her permit was denied once and then the second time around they gave it to her.

      It seems and sounds complicated but it really isnt. Next time you are in Belize drop me a line and id be more than happy to sit down with you and talk you through the process.
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