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Jun 15, 2011
    1. fitz4609
      Sir, Please review my reply to your questions regarding the movie.
      I know I am accurate on the glass bottles and syringes. I can even recall when we would get a dozen cartons of Ketamine to stock on the shelf. Now Special K or ketamine is a CIII drug and tightly controlled. It is never just stocked on a shelf beside boxes of nose spray, ass cream, and cold pills. Thanks for your input and questions. Like my old first seargent used to say; there are no dumb questions, you retarded bunch of trainees. ROFLMAO
    2. Joshhtn
      I would love to have a poster as well! Love the avatar... Gus is my hero!
      Where did you find it?
    3. Ghost361
      Where did you get your avatar? I would like that in a poster form.

    4. gatorboy
      Stay real Ol Timer - gator
    5. Ol Timer
      Ol Timer
      Hey, backbore, I'm out of town for a couple of weeks. When I get back I'll see if I can find their phone number.

      Check your police dept. uniform supply house. That's what this place is, they supply everything a cop would need, including weapons. They usually have a decent supply of trade-ins from varying makers.
    6. backbore
      Saw your post about being able to buy used Glocks for $313.00. Can you give me a telephone number? The prices are nuts here in Maryland and sub-$400.00 is what I'm looking for.
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