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May 18, 2004
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July 17
On the way to crazy
FT Homeschooling mom

Mrs. VR

Sharon, you will be missed., from On the way to crazy

I. Will. Wreck. You. If you deserve it. Sep 5, 2015

    1. TheJ
    2. IndyGunFreak
      God be with you and your family.

    3. robbcayman
      Thanks for being positive and so sweet. You will be missed. RIP, Sharon!
    4. JMS
      RIP Sharon, you will always remain the matriarch of GT. The next time I am in Israel I will put a prayer in for your family at the Western Wall.
    5. MooseJaw
      Rest in Peace..
    6. rhikdavis
      RIP sweet lady. Much strength to Jay.
    7. Lone_Wolfe
      Sharon, you were loved and are missed. RIP
    8. Joshhtn
      You were such an amazing person and so very important to many... I will miss you with all my heart.
    9. rolltide_pisco
      I'll miss you. Hope to see you up above some day
    10. gramps14609
      Glad to hear the news, will keep praying.
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    11. Mrs. VR
      Mrs. VR
      I. Will. Wreck. You. If you deserve it.
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      2. rhikdavis
        Thank you, may I have another?
        Sep 28, 2015
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    12. bakerj
    13. *ASH*
      anyway for now to change that little personal messsage under usernames or it stuck to never be able to change . because when i change avatars i change details as well/
      1. Mrs. VR
        Mrs. VR
        I literally just found this page myself. Have things ironed out yet?
        Jun 27, 2015
    14. OSSI
      G'Day Lady. :)

      Hope you are well. It has been a while.
      How things have changed here over the last few years.

      I was completly taken by surprise wehen I have seen the changes made to the Site.
      At the Moment I try to get my head around it.
      Also I noticed that in the Transfer I lost over 14000 Posts.

      I Miss the old times
      Big hug

      1. Mrs. VR
        Mrs. VR
        Oh my gosh! Gwen did you post this? ( I'm still getting used to the changes too! We all lost post count, I'm not sure yet if that's going to be corrected or not. I hope you and your family are well. Sooooo much has happened since we last spoke, I'm not even sure where to start, but it's so nice to see you on board. If I hear anything re: post counts, I'll let you know.
        Jun 27, 2015
    15. GCBHM
      With regard to the poster, joshhtn, this is becoming a common thread:

      "Originally Posted by Joshhtn View Post
      He's actually quite crazy... I disagreed with him and called him wrong in another thread, and he proceeded to fill my PM inbox with all kinds of crazy talk, including an expletive filled, semi incoherent, message

      He then tried to apologize to me in another thread, and when I respectfully declined to accept said apology, he went right back into crazy mode

      He's a typical troll, but with a pretty hot temper.... He won't be here long.

      Okay, GCBHM, I know you're going to puff up your chest and say big things, so... Fire away!"

      Is this in keeping with the rules of the forum? It is getting a little tiresome with this guy stalking me with attacks like this, even after he admits I offered the olive branch. The ignore function doesn't seem to work. Is there anything that can be done to prevent such nonsense?

      Thank you,
      1. Mrs. VR
        Mrs. VR
        Sorry, I just found this page. Can you report the pm and any actual posts? That way it will take us right to it. Thanks.
        Jun 27, 2015
    16. Mrs. VR
      Mrs. VR
      Oh. I don't have access to the social groups admin panel, however I can tell you that project mayhem has for all intents and purposes died out.
    17. shooter001
      Mrs. VR,
      As youare the administrator of this group, I am asking to be allowed to join. I got your reply to my message, the project mayhem group is the one which I was referring to.

      Thank you,

    18. shooter001
      Hello and good evening. How would I go about joining your social group?

    19. Tazz10m
      Thanks for helping out in CopTalk. There is only so much i can do in there. Most of the problems are caused by people that really should just be summarily kicked out of GlockTalk... which i don't have the authority to do. Thanks!
    20. lethal tupperwa
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    July 17
    On the way to crazy
    FT Homeschooling mom
    I'm kinda new here, so I'm not sure what to say :supergrin: