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    1. bdcochran
      The typical member of the forum does not know what FHA is, bankers acceptances, overnight rates, or required reserves. NO. All problems are caused by a particular political party.
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    2. bdcochran
      You are correct. People could care less about facts. A guy walks into a savings and loan. He wants to get a mortgage. He is introduced to a loan officer in the lobby. He has no clue that the person is not an employee and is not an officer. It is simply a guy given a desk and the deal is that if the person qualifies, he presents the potential borrower to the S&L first for approval.
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    3. Jonesee
      Some would consider it very small.
    4. kazecap0ne
      hey man, just looking for general info on what kind of area it is. Last time i was in FL i was 12 lol so i know next to nothing. i know everyone says to stay away from the southern part of the state. is it a big city? hows traffic and crime? decent place for a family in your opinion?
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