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JC Refuge
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May 28, 2017 at 9:20 AM
Oct 8, 2007
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JC Refuge

from MN

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May 28, 2017 at 9:20 AM
    1. Big1
      Hey Mr. JC Refuge sir I was on line last night and for some crazy I created a second user id under my same email address. The other user name is Bigpapa the one that I have is Big1, so can you delete that user id so it want be a problem or a misunderstanding, thank you sir. I have also send the other staff members the same massage about this.
    2. JackMac
      Sorry, I was unaware of that.
    3. ADK_40GLKr
      Yeah, I tried to post to your pop-bottle question and got a message that I was not approved to send there, then realized it was on that GATE format where only the moderator could respond.

      What I wanted to add was that we use gallon and larger sized bleach bottles, to store water to take to camp. Clorox, etc. are used to purify water for drinking anyway, so we just make sure we rinse 'em out well and take the labels off. A little chlorine taste just reminds us of the city. But don't make the mistake of drinking the original contents - YUCK!
    4. bigdollars
      hi i posted a topic on the survival forum titled "dual survivor" when i posted it, a notice said it was going to the moderator for approval. that was yesterday. just checking to see if it was going to get posted. thanks, big dollars
    5. dberry
      Thanks for the info. That will help me tremendously.
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