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Nov 2, 2015
Oct 17, 1999
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Nov 2, 2015
    1. glockpro.
      I only wanted to say thank you for all your precious information, all your videos are quite informative and somehow entertaining.
      Thanks again, all the best to you and to your family.
    2. wesleysmith
      Hey, I just wanted to say your videos really helped me out a lot, I'm a new shooter and had absolutely no direction; your youtube channel has basically become my go-to guide for everything - that and Glock Talk of course! Thanks for the help!
    3. Two Guns
      Two Guns
      Love your videos
    4. hickok45
    5. allegro
      Hey there,
      Been a long-time fan of you, your shooting and your informational (and entertaining) vids. Just wanted to shout out to a fellow TN citizen. Keep on making us smile and smarter !!
    6. RmRod
      Big fan and longtime subscriber to your channel, Keep up the good work. I'm now back in Glockland after a long vacation, good to be back!
    7. Firebob2917
      Love your video's! Have learned so much from watching. Thanks for your time to make them. Like you I'm an owner and big fan of Glock.
    8. hickok45
      Thanks for watching.
    9. Osborne
      Love your videos!!! Just ordered my first gun/glock a 19 Generation 4, you're videos were the deciding factor in me getting it. You're a legend.
    10. hickok45
    11. TangoFoxtrot
      Hickok, I must say you bring a totally different and down to earth view on firearm evals. I really enjoy your Youtube videos! Keep on truckin and making those videos for as long as you can my friend.
    12. hickok45
      I appreciate it.
    13. TheJ
      I LOVE your channel. I have been a viewing/subscribing since last year when I stumbled on to it and have become an avid loyal fan. I've watched so many of your videos and have listened to every one of your "radio" shows. You are so refreshingly genuine and just seem like an honestly decent person. THANK YOU for doing what you do. (and thank you to your son John as well.)
    14. GlockCannon
      Are you ever planning on visiting Europe, if so and are crossing threw the Netherlands, it would be a honor to guide you around here... Just that you know. :)
    15. hickok45
      Sounds good! Glad you're enjoying the videos and that you've discovered the pleasures of Glocking! :-)
    16. deeHKman
      Your videos are most appreciated. I fell at work in '07 doing severe damage in the disc in my neck and back. Plus had my hip replaced 2x and a knee rebuilt. I had all steel heavy guns that bothered my neck. I thought my shooting days were gone Thanks to your videos i chose Glock for several reasons plus the low weight does not bother my neck or back. So with a few Glock's and some HK's i'm shooting again, "like you say life is good". Please keep up the great work it sure helped get part of my life back together and that means alot, thanks David in SC
    17. hickok45
    18. ZSJvan21
      Hey your vids are awesome!!! Love the details you put into your videos describing, have especially dug the close up vids. Keep em coming and God Bless!
    19. hickok45
      Glad you found me.
    20. DHart
      Hey Hickok45... I don't know how I missed you until now after so many years bumping around on all these forums... but I stumbled onto one of your shotgun videos on YouTube and instantly became a fan. Love what you're doing, pard! Keep up the fun and keepin' it real. Glocks and 12 gauge shotguns are my most used firearms as well. Take care. DHart
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