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    1. fitz4609
      I spoke with the radiologist and made no mention of you or where I obtained the MRI. He stated that without surgical intervention to repair and stabilize the carpal or wrist bones the wrist will become unstable. Degenerative changes would likely follow and there would likely be a reduction in grip strength. So, like the knee the ligaments are needed to hold the bones in place properly. When torn they should be repaired. Besides weakness and arthitis pain the hand may deviate to the ulnar or small finger side. He provided me with the name of a top notch hand surgery group here in Houston. SW Ortho Group Again, I never made any mention of your identity, since I don't know it, that makes it easier. I hope this helps. Best of Luck
    2. jellis11
      I was just gonna ask how everything went with the new baby. Decided to do a search and I saw the picture. Pretty awesome and a late congratulations!
    3. Workin
      Hey what's up? Do you happen to live in Bell Island? Your avatar picture looks like that area =) I grew up in south Norwalk and I used to love going over there to Bell Island to get away from the city. I saw your post about being miserable with your situation.. I was wondering if you needed somebody to talk to I'm here for you buddy. Just hang in there.. After every dark night there is a brighter day.. Just keep that in mind. Anyway, hit me back if you want to talk, I'm here for you friend.

    4. TexanRon
      I read your recent post about hating life, etc. I am not a Dr, but I am a pharmaceutical rep specializing in NeuroHealth. I call on Psychiatrist and talk about depression and other related things. The way you described your situation is almost a textbook description of depression. Please make an appointment ASAP with your family doctor and tell him exactly how you feel. Write it down before you go. Don't sugar coat it or gloss over your feelings. The feelings you have are not normal and it CAN be fixed. Please do this. Let me know whay happens. I care.
    5. owl6roll
      is that an owl? It's huge! In your av?
    6. 4TS&W
      Do you hunt with that bird in your av? I have a friend in NM who does that..
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    Jun 15, 1977 (Age: 43)