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Sep 4, 2012
Apr 14, 2009
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Conifer, CO


Conifer Jack, from Conifer, CO

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Sep 4, 2012
    1. Breadman03
      Rest in peace, Jack! You will be missed.
    2. Lone_Wolfe
      Rest in Peace, Jack!
    3. Zombie Steve
      Zombie Steve
      Jack, did you drink all that scotch yet? If not, I'm coming up to steal it and a few 1050's... and some lead... and Dawg.
    4. JackMac
      Hang tough Jack. Each day is an adventure. Embrace each day for what it is. You're in my prayers brother. I have been fighting a systemic blood infection for about a year. Treated at Duke Hospital in Durham, across the street from the VA hospital. Can't walk. Sure can use my wheel chair though! I use to be a real active man, former Deputy Sheriff, then trial lawyer, and now....well I am here!
    5. Bill Keith
      Bill Keith
      Chronic pain sucks. I'm living with CML leukemia nd feel I'm on a banana peel half the time from fatigue and effects of the pill chemo I have to take twice a day forever. I'll send good vibes your way if it is OK with you. I have religious proscriptions against suicide, but am not yet in such dire straits, and certainly don't mind powerful analgesics, as I've had to be on them a few times in my life. The best primer on taking one's life is titled "Final Exit" by Derrick Humphries. I have a hunch that a good hospice program will be in my future. Death is part of living, and I'll just go on with the adventure. I hope your path goes well for you.
      Regards, Bill Keith
    6. EL_NinO619
      Jack what is the title of that book of yours. I'm reading a lot of Steven Hunter's right now but when I'm done i want to read yours. And i just feel i need to make a donation so you can buy a Lose moral girlfriend.. :)
    7. fredj338
      Hey Jack. Heard you were on your back again & no ladies present. Get better soon my friend. BTW, I have finally gotten around to your book. Very good read, you certainly write a good story, although I have a feeling much of it is based on first hand knowledge.
      best regards, fred
    8. labdwakin
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    Conifer, CO
    Former Air Force One presidential guard (Nixon), former Dade County, Miami, FL, police officer, SWAT team sniper, black powder muzzle loading trap national record holder. Now retired.

    Shooting, travel in motor home, write military and police novels.


    Life is a little bit tragic but mostly magic... Learn to deal with the tragic and CHERISH THE MAGIC

    A PACIFIST is someone who won't raise their hands to defend themselves...
    A COWARD is someone who won't raise their hands to defend someone else.