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    1. Arklay Ishimura
      Arklay Ishimura
      You could surely say that DWI will eventually bite someone in the ass and I totally agree. But no, safely sitting at home and taking a toke will never bite anyone in the ass unless rogue LEOs decide to legally destroy people’s lives. (God bless Law Enforcement Officers either way. They are legends and heroes in my eyes)

      Best regards, Sir.
    2. Arklay Ishimura
      Arklay Ishimura
      I genuinely wish the best for you as well, Sir. Please be safe out there in crazy Southern California. I miss that area a lot but would have constant anxiety if I lived there again around so many apathetic drivers and anti American liberals. Truly a shame that such a beautiful state has taken such a downward turn.
    3. Arklay Ishimura
      Arklay Ishimura
      You can barely put a coherent paragraph together lol. Obviously being sober isn’t making you immune from mistakes. Where I live, the deadliest car accidents occur because of sober drivers messed up on coffee and legal drugs prescribed by a doctor. Ask the average Albuquerque cop what his main concern is in this city and 10 times out of 10, marijuana will be nowhere on his radar.
      1. fredj338
        Plenty of people dui on legal drugs, booze is legal too. You do as you like, I hope the best for you, but eventually, UI bites everyone in the ass.
        Aug 17, 2019
    4. Arklay Ishimura
      Arklay Ishimura
      Self driven assumptions? Wrong. More like years of observations. Try again.
    5. Arklay Ishimura
      Arklay Ishimura
      So, people should be felons just because they had a couple beers and drove home with a gun in their glove box? That’s some major Fudd ideology right there lol. The average cop KNOWS that a stoner is not going to shoot people or be incompetent with a firearm just because they had a toke. You’re pretty lucky that thread got shut down when it did because your last comments are easily destroyable Fudd nonsense.
      1. fredj338
        All am all for dui, booze or pot, gun no gun, bring a felony. You are an idiot running a car ot potentially having to make a life or death decision under the influence. I have never, not in my 63y met anyone better on booze or drugs. That isnt going to change either. Keeping smoking thst ****, when you are my age you wont remember your name.
        Aug 17, 2019
    6. jdc606
      1400fps!!... good info. WSF @ 5.8grs = 1206fps with the 124 PDHP through a G26. Looks to be plenty of room to play with these coated lead. I'll let you know where it settles at.
    7. jdc606
      Thanks...guess I'll keep bumping the powder until clean cases or leaded bore.After much testing,settled on WSF w/124 Prec.DeltaHP then decided to try less costly coatedlead bullets. If I can't get the WSF to work, I'll stick with PDHP copper clad.
      1. fredj338
        IF the bullet fits well, you can run coated to 1400fps with good accuracy. Let me know how it goes.
        regard, fredj
        Feb 17, 2016
    8. jdc606
      Fred, I have a ? about Precision coated 125gr 9mm. No interest in achieving high velocity. Trying for enough chamber pressure to prevent the brass from being sooty. Using WSF powder and hit an average barrel leading but the cases are dirty. A shorter COL (1.110) has helped
      Just bugging you because you have a lot of experience with coated, cast bullets. Take care, John Conway (jdc606)
      1. fredj338
        Hey John. Not much diff in loading coated. Imo, the only way to get away from the soot is bump the pressure a bit. Seating deeper does that, as dors adding another 1/10or 2/10.
        A slightly faster powder will work better running around that 1050fps range. I like WST, if you can find it. Other good choices are w231, ramshot comp, ramshot zip.
        Regards fredj
        Feb 16, 2016
    9. Kentguy
      Fred, thanks for responding. The only brass that I have a small quantity of is 357 magnum or perhaps 45-70. As I stated I would really like to move these into someone's hands who could put them to use. If you don't have brass to trade, I can always use 9mm FMJ bullets, I always go through a ton of those. I can box them up and spring for shipping, that's no big deal.

      Thanks again... Alan
    10. Jailer
      Fred...I see you also shoot the 338-06. I shoot the 338-06 A.I. and use IMR-4320. I shoot cloverleafs with this powder and Barnes TTSX 210 grain bullets. I use the 338-06 for hog hunting here in Texas. I had my rifle originally built for Colorado Elk Hunting. Good Shooting!
    11. fredj338
      I'm down in Mission Viejo. You ever shoot IDPA up in SanFrasquetto canyon @ 1800 club? I am up there every month for the match. Drop a note if you want to come out & play.
    12. judgecrater
      Hi Fred,
      Seems like every time I read one of your posts, I agree with you. Wonder what that means? I too am in So. Cal. in Simi Valley. What part of So. Cal do you hail from?
      Steve (judgecrater)
    13. fredj338
      He could get by w/ W231 for both. A bit fast for 9mm, but perfect for 45acp. Move a bit slower to Unqiue or WSF & you get max perf out of the 9mm & 45acp. BD works, but only for +P loads in both IMO.
      Hey, if you have time, put 12/17 on your shooting calendar & meet me out at Prado for an IDPA match.
    14. EL_NinO619
      Hey whats up Fred, Hope you got nice and fat on Turkey day. Over the break I meet a guy at the LGS, Found out he was new to reloading and only using blue dot, red, green, and IMR 4 something for his rifle. I told him about WST and Other GT/Fred powder, but I do not load a lot of hist Cal's.

      Here is a List, dont need anything extensive just want to give him a push in the right direction and get away from Blue Dot. He Loads .9, .45 I covered, 38/357, 40, 380, 7mm mag and 357sig. Thanks Fred, I feel after all the help I got on here I need to spread the wealth.
    15. fredj338
      Hey Gary, glad to hear your mom is still doing well. I have been trying to stay out of trouble. Work is still almost non existant. I am down to 24hrs/wk. Too young to retire & too old to start looking for a new career. i am thinking of going in w. a younger engineer & starting a home inspection business. Kind of an off shoot of what we both do now, structural engineering. We'll see how that goes.
      A retired friend of mine trying to get me to join his vilunteer Border Patrol aux. A bunch of retired cops & military guys, patroling the border fence area looking for trouble. They are catching some, calling the ICE guys in, but I am afraid they are going to get into some of these drug trafficers & get hurt. They are not spring chickens & many of their firearms skills have diminished or non existant. I am trying to get them upto at least SD capable, but I think they are in over their heads.
      My son & daughter-in-law are expecting the first grandchild in the next 2 weeks. Pretty exciting, but at 53, too young to be a grandpa!
      Let me know if you need some more lead heads. I have the time right now.\
      best regards, fred
    16. CanyonMan
      How ya doin fred ?

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