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Jun 25, 2004
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Nov 5, 2014
    1. Detectorist
      Call me any ti
    2. xagent
      You should send me an email, maybe we can shoot sometime.
    3. xagent
      I have a few glocks in 9mm but I also do the shotgun (skeet) and rifle (rim and center fire) routes as well. I have a diverse collection. It's always nice to meet local shooting guys. My private email is [email protected] I check that more often, maybe we could set up something.
    4. FifthFreedom
    5. lomfs24
      Hello, my name is Rahn Abbott. I am contacting frank4570, Animal Mother and Schasbert. You three are the most respected by me on this subject. I am currently re-thinking the belief structure that I was raised in and am expected to believe. I am currently reading "Cats Have Wonderful Dreams", I have "god is Not Great" and have "Divinity of Doubt" on my 'to read' list. I am not ready to make the leap to atheism yet but am still in the middle ground of "I think there is something greater than myself but I don't think that entity, whatever it is, is represented by organized religion.

      I am asking for a suggested reading list. I am open to any suggestions but please keep in mind that I am just starting down this path and am not really ready to get too buried in the really deep parts of the subject. I am looking for a 'primer' on both agnosticism and atheism.

      You can reach me here or at my regular email of rahn at abbott dot net. Thanks for your time.
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